Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My $2 Light Comes To The Rescue!

December 18, 2018

Good morning.  My goodness it is cold here.  My car has a layer of snow on it and the big puddle at the end of the driveway is frozen solid.  During the night, the wind howled away, and somehow blew out the electric power, at least on our street. 

Aha!  But I have my little personal generator to keep my oxygen running, and a couple of LED light switches that I had bought at Harbor Freight Tools (because they were on sale for $2).  They stick on the wall with Velcro.  Just flip the "on" switch and the room lights up. 

I dug out my latest electric bill to find the phone number to call, and then I reported the outage.  Then I made a cup of coffee and settled in to do a "Find A Word" puzzle.  At ten minutes to five a.m., the lights came back on.  I checked to make sure the furnace had come back on, and then it was back to sleepy time for me and Pogo. 

Last evening, I watched a program on PBS that I had recorded.  I love k.d. Lang's music, and this was a concert she performed in San Antonio, Texas.  She sang the whole album, "Constant Craving."  Oh wow!  She could have sang Mother Goose stories, and I'd have been enthralled.  I just love listening to her sing.  The range in her voice sometimes makes the hairs on my arm stand right up.  You know I saved it so that I can watch it again.

Did you all guess which elf shoe was the different one?  Here's the answer.  It was the shoe in the upper right hand corner.  I love these puzzles because they keep my brain working.

Today I have another puzzle for you and another page to color.  Some of us have a lot of stress these days, and I'm hoping the coloring will help to lessen some of that stress.

These are both freebies from Dover Publications.  Have fun with them.  I'll post the puzzle answer tomorrow.

While I've been sitting here typing, the mail carrier came with two more packages that I've been waiting for.  Awesome!  Two more gifts that I can get wrapped!  Oh my gosh, there's a light on at the end of the wrapping tunnel!  I have just one more gift to buy and I am done.  Done, done, done!

Enough of my chit chat.  If I don't get to that wrapping stuff I'll find a reason not to do it at all.  That said, I'm off to refresh my coffee cup and do a bit of blog reading before I get started.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Terra said...

That is good you have a little personal generator for your oxygen, how do you start the generator? I am using Christmas bags instead of wrapping paper, it is easier ha ha. Plus I use them over and over.

Theresa said...

Oh no snow and no lights:( Happy that you had a generator and some light switches. Have a great week before Christmas dear friend. I am scurrying around trying to get everything finished. HUGS!

Angelicastar said...

I would have never founded the right elf. (lol) I still doesn't see a difference. My eyes are still playing tricks on me. I came over earlier but had to leave without a comment. My neighbors parks across my driveway picking folks up from the other two thuggish houses. I called the police because they steady make camera alarm go off and 98 percent of the time I am in the bed. The teen age girl next door decided to dip in although the policeman had already looked at the camera to see them parked across my driveway. They are the nasty section 8 people that I turned in to the homeowners association for not cutting the grass and throwing old furniture in the back yard. While the policeman was here she decided she wanted to attack me. The Policeman pushed her back, but I told him to let her go and told her I will lay her down. I have a 25 automatic pistol but after all this I went out and bought a 410 gauge pistol grip shotgun from academy. I will never try to fight anyone as sick as I am and I doesn't know if they are trying to be gang members or what. The neighborhood is nice but if you can't afford to live in a million dollar house, the government will pay 1400 dollars for their rent. So this is what's happening here. So my day has been kind of stressful. Hug Pogo for me and have a good night.