Thursday, December 20, 2018

Five More Nights And Santa Will Be Here!

December 20, 2018

Good morning.  Wowee, only five more days till Christmas!  Tis sunny and cold this morning.  Only 27F degrees, but it should warm up to close to 48F degrees.  Wowser!  Not to get too excited though, because it will be dropping right back down to wicked cold again. 

I've been up since 5:30 this morning.  I woke up and decided that it would be best to get up and start finishing my wrapping.  So I did, and I'm happy to say that I'm almost done.  Aside from the three gift items that are expected to be delivered today, I have just three more things to wrap.  I will get to that as soon as I've finished this post.  (Of course, I still have to wrap the stuff that Santa dropped off here for the dwarfs.  It will be easy though because he left me bags for these things.)

Yeahhhhhhh!!!  It will be so nice to be able to put all the wrapper stuff away till next year.  And, I'll get back all my space in my kitchen and living room.  Right now, there are large boxes and bags filled with gifts using all my space.  They are pretty though!

Deanne sent me a photo that she found while looking through some of her photos.  This is one of her and me having some Christmas fun.  Thank you Dee Dee, I didn't have this one.  (Deanne is Jazzy's mom.)

I was looking for something yesterday, and came across an envelope full of savings stamps.  How many of you remember these?  How about all the wonderful things that our moms and us got for free just by filling little books with these stamps.

My new issue of Freedom First came a couple of days ago, and I took a photo of the ad for the new book on gun laws, state by state.  This is a must for every gun owner, and the price is very reasonable.  Only $14.95.

A few days ago, I had a request for more information about my personal generator.  I purchased it from HSN for $499.95.  I posted information and a photo in my Sept. 1, 2018 blog post.  If there is a Harbor Freight Tools store near you, you can find a similar generator there.  They have different sizes for different prices.  They also have a web site:

Today I have another coloring page for you.  Let's not forget the reason for the season.   (This is one of my favorite Christmas Carols.)

Now I want to refill my coffee cup and do a bit of blog reading before I get back to my wrapping.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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