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Friday, July 7, 2017

Finally, The Right Cable Guy For The Job

July 7, 2017

Good morning.  Tis a bit on the gray side today and hopefully, we'll get us some rain.  The lawns and gardens are needing a good dose of water.  There's no one around anymore to help with watering the lawn and the plants, so some rain every two or three days is a blessing.  Speaking of plants, Joe took this photo of some of our lilies.

Well, the broken cable box saga continues.  Oh yes, the cable guy showed up yesterday on time.  And yes, he seemed to know what he was doing.  He took his time to make sure everything was all set before leaving.  His last words to me were "It will probably still keep on doing the same thing for another hour or two, but if it lasts more than two hours, call the office and someone will come back."  (Does this seem right to you?????.  Shouldn't the problem be solved by now???)

He was right.  The new box kept on doing what the broken box had been doing.  I waited out the two hours (it kept on doing it) and then called the cable company.  Alas, because it was after 12 noon, there was no way they could send someone back out to my house the same day.  Friday morning between 9 and 12 noon was the best they could do.

Woops!  Cable guy is here.  Be back when he's finished doing his magic!!

It's many hours later, but WOO HOO!!!  WOO HOO!!  It only took five hours and fifteen minutes to finally get the problem fixed.  The you man who came today was excellent!  He noticed that all the cable lines coming into the house were really old and needed to be replaced.  He ran new a line into the house and a brand new line out to the telephone pole.  Then he called for a bucket truck to come out and connect the new line to the cable connector at the top of the telephone pole. 

For some of the line replacement, he had to climb beneath the hedge outside my window to run the new line into the house.  For the new outdoor line, he had to climb up on the porch roof to connect and run the new line. 

The rain started shortly after he got here this morning, and needless to say, the poor kid got soaked.  After a couple of hours, I made him a hot cup of coffee and a chocolate cake to warm him up.  Before he left, I gave him a clean dry tee shirt to change into once he was ready to leave here.  He did not want to take it but I insisted.  I really did not want to see him getting sick from wearing wet clothes all day. 

Well, now the TV has been on for more than half an hour and it is still on.  Woo Hoo!  Now I just have to wait for Sears to get here later today (between 5 pm and 7 pm) with the new refrigerator.  Who knows?  Maybe I can do a bit of grocery shopping tomorrow.  We'll see.  Here's a photo of the new fridge.

I don't have a new quick page for today, but I promise to make one for Sunday.  On that happy note, I'm now going to scrounge up a speck of lunch for Pogo and me.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have an awesome weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Oh My Edna,
You had a frustrating day I am sure with the tv still rebooting, but thankfully for the one who came out today. Good that it is fixed!!!
New fridge looks really nice. Let's just hope that no one breaks it. I understand how expensive things are.

Oh coffee and chocolate cake sound really good about right now, but I am heading to the shower and lay down. I had a busy day yesterday and my left leg is bothering me so I am going to put it up for a couple of hours.

Give Pogo hugs for me... Miss you and Hugs for you too.... Love, Beth

smiekeltje said...

CONGRATULATONS! yeah, finally you have the right cable box and new lines in and out too! That second guy was a marvell! He really took pride of his work and fixed it all! Poor guy, all soaked up. So nice of you to give him a t-shirt to change into. I think I wuld have done the same. specially, because he did such a good job!
Well, let's hope the tv will work fine as always again for a long time.
Glad you can watch your tv normal again during the weekend.
Have a wonderful day and also the days ahead.
Perhaps some rain will come every now and then(best is during the night). And yes, we people don;t always like the rain, but it seems plants and trees and all kind of greenery and even some animals do like the rain LOL.

The Queen Jester said...

It sounds like you finally got the right man for the job. I always feel bad for these guys with all they need to do in all kinds of weather and am so glad it's them and not me.

The fridge looks wonderful! I never thought I'd fill up my full sized fridge, but with this new diet/way of life it seems almost everything I eat is made up of fresh things. Very little coming out of any bags, boxes or cans lately, so I'm grateful to have the room.

I seem to be on a watermelon binge lately as it tastes so good, but takes up a lot of space. I've gotten lazy and buy the containers of pre-cut chunks. It's my indulgence and makes a lot less mess.

Enjoy that new cable! I find myself really liking watching movies on my TV now as well. is good.