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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tis A Good Day To Go Shopping!

May 30, 2017

Good morning.  Today is another cloudy day here in New England, with temps in the low 60's.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer though.  Remember that song...Those April showers that come in May...well that's where we seem to be right abut now.  I'll stay positive about it and say that at least now our reservoirs, ponds and lakes are looking much healthier. 

Well, I took the day off from the computer yesterday.  I slept a little bit late, then the kids came by (Kevin and Janicee).  They brought me an iced coffee (Yum!) and offered to help me out around here.  Kevin cleaned out a lot of the garden on the other side of the house and Janice started re-organizing my food pantry.  And yes, I know how lucky I am! 

I did not do a lot of anything yesterday, but I did write out a few bills that I will give to the mailman when he comes today.  I also started working on a red, white and blue afghan.  Hmm, I might just keep this one for myself.  I love the colors.

Here's a photo of Pogo resting, and watching something fun on TV.  He's beginning to look like a wooly lion again so maybe it's time to make an appointment to have his hair trimmed.

Today is trash and recycle pickup day.  This will keep Pogo busy barking at the big trucks until the mailman gets here.  He really loves barking at the mailman. 

Dwarf Helen just came back from doing some errands and asked if Pogo and I would like to go shopping at the Christmas Tree store.  Well, yes we would!  So I'll have to get dressed soon so we don't keep her waiting too long.  This is one of my favorite stores.

When the sun was shining a few days ago, I took some photos of the yellow irises and my wax begonia plants.  It's so pretty around here when the sun is shining.

Deanne and Eddie have a chain link fence across the front of their property.  Yesterday, a car came crashing into the fence, destroying a whole section of it and even hitting a portion of their front porch.  Here's hoping the insurance companies don't drag their feet on having the repairs done. 

I remember my old house and all the times when a car or truck would hit, or almost hit, the side of the house.  I lived near a bar and the patrons weren't always sober when they came out to get in their cars and drive away.  One night one of their cars did hit my house right by a window.  My son was sitting in a chair (inside the house) by that window and could have been hurt. 

The next day I went to a salvage yard and bought a whole truck full of iron posts that were six feet tall and six inches wide.  The posts were filled with cement.  I had a construction crew install these ugly iron posts along the whole side of my house.  Now if any cars or trucks decided to hit my house, they would only be hurting themselves.

Well, it's time for me to get dressed now.  Pogo is looking forward to going for a ride in Dwarf Helen's car.   Me too!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

Hands are doing bad today because I've been in detox phase trying to get all the medication out of my system hoping to have had surgery today(Tuesday) but the surgeon called me on Sunday to tell me he had an emergency back up and will have to put off my surgery until Wednesday at 8:00am. My O My if he only knew the pain I am having because I want a clean and med free body when I go under anesthesia. I always detox because I doesn't want to mix sleeping meds with anesthesia. Now I am on the clear liquid diet and hope he doesn't call today with more put off news. I need to get the knee replacement surgery over with because the knee is torn and could cause cancer. Send us your cool temps and the rain too. (lol) We need all the cool down that we can get now here in Texas. Awwwww Pogo is so cute under his blankets. What a very blessed fur baby to have you as mom. Have a great rest of today.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
Well I slept the day away. I have been extra tired and not feeling really well. Sneezing and coughing and itchy eyes. I am thinking allergies as we had a storm blow in and I am sure it stirred up all the allergy junk in the air. We had heavy rain, thunder, lightening and even hail.

Joe came over with Foxy. She curled up with me and I must have fallen asleep. They were gone when I got up. I sent him a text message that I wished he had woken me up so we could have visited. He caught my house in a mess. He must have known I wasn't feeling well and let me rest.

So sorry to hear of Eddie and Deanne's fence being hit. I am like you and hope that the insurance doesn't dally around. Good idea what you did at your other house. Yes indeed your son or someone else could have gotten hurt really badly by a car hitting your house.

It was great that the kids came over to help you. Such wonderful blessings kids are. That is really awesome that you get to spend time with them and that they enjoy time with you as well.

I can't wait to hear how your trip to the Christmas Store turns out. Lucky you. I love that place! I am never ready to leave when I go. Karyn used to work at a place called Trimmings and she got her fill of decorations and trees and stuff. She had to decorate at least 3 trees a week for display and she thinks that is why she got so burned out on Christmas. So sad really. If I had that talent I think that it would be my dream job but I really don't have the tree thing down to a talent!

Pogo is just too cute. I love his busy lion look lol... Hugs from us to you both. Love Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

How wonderful Kevin and Janice are doing those jobs for you.
Sorry to hear about the misfortune that overcame Deanne and Eddy. Sure hope that insurance company will pay them for the damage.
Oh, a shopping trip with Helen to one of your favourite stores!
You better get dressed quickly and have lots of fun.