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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring Is In The Air

May 11, 2017

Good morning.  Gosh, I've been so busy working on a scarf and hat set that the morning almost got away from me.  Plus, I watched Miss Congeniality and now I'm watching Miss Congeniality 2.  I've seen both movies several times, but they are enjoyable and worth watching again. 

Well, yesterday I did a load of laundry and attacked one pile of magazines.  DIL Janet came by last evening and brought her crochet project with her.  She's making a queen size afghan for her sister.  Goodness, this is a huge project but it will be beautiful when it is finished.  When she gets some of it done, I'll take a photo to share.

Today is cloudy, but Spring is definitely in the air.  I went out on the porch a little while ago, and there were two little sparrows sitting in my rose bush working on making a baby sparrow.  I'd best put out some yarn bits because they'll be wanting to build a nest soon.

This weekend we'll all be celebrating Mother's Day.  Even if you don't have your Mom to celebrate with, give a hug and a smile (and maybe some flowers) to someone nearby who won't have anyone to celebrate the day with.  Folks, it's such an easy thing to do and you'll bring a world of happiness to someone.  And you'll feel so good about yourself too!

I found this wonderful little image on the web and borrowed it to share here with you.   Life is short, and tomorrow is a gift.  I raised my family this way, and they've passed it along to their families.

I am working on a download for you for tomorrow.  For now, I'm off to wash the breakfast dishes that are in the sink waiting for me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I've always enjoyed those shows as well. It's nice to find a good clean movie to enjoy.

I'm getting behind on all my chores here ... too much running around and goofing off.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

You have been busy and I am so proud that your sounding much more like your old self these days. I scrapped a few pages today or yesterday as it is nearly 5:30 in the morning here. Another one of those nights that I can't sleep so I downloaded the latest kit from Salt Town Studios and cleaned up my folders, especially the one where I save everything that will eventually go into their own folders. It is all nice and tidy now.
I just have a couple of Kyra's kits to get and I am done for a while. Not with scrapping but cleaning up the computer house. It really felt good to sit down and scrap a few pages. I updated my blog too. So I have been on a roll and feeling better.

My mom is not with me anymore but it is a good idea to give something to someone that is alone. I have a really pretty coffee set so I might give it to the new neighbor next door to me. She has 2 little ones and it might be a nice gesture.

Oh speaking of nests I have read that when you clean out your hair brush or doggie brush to leave the fur and hair where the birds can get it, It makes strong nests for them,

I think that I can sleep now so I am going to go and lay down. I will be in touch soon. Hugs my friend, Give Pogo kisses for me... Love Beth and Cisco and the gang!

smiekeltje said...

Glad you could spend some time on a scarf set and in the same time watch a nice movie. I am curious to see how Janet's afghan will look like!
Oh, you were watching a courting in your rose bush! LOL. Good idea to leave some wool left overs somewhere near it for the birds.
On to the next post again, hahaha, take a few at one day, as you might have noticed.
Not every day at the computer, so this is best way to do it.
See you on next post!