Friday, December 18, 2015

It's National Ugly Sweater Day

December 18, 2015

Good morning.  Today is gray and damp with bits of rain every now and then.  It's a super good day to wear your ugly Christmas sweater.  After all, it is National Ugly Sweater Day.  I must say though, that most of the ugly sweaters that I've seen so far are rather pretty or fun looking.

Well, about the best thing that I did yesterday was to find a nice chair for Pogo.  However, Santa said that he might not be able to get it here until after Christmas.  His elves won't be able to start making it until close to Christmas.  He did promise to bring it as soon as the elves were finished with it. 

So, on that note, I went on-line and found two really nice blankets that I ordered for Pogo, so that he has presents to open on Christmas morning.  After all, no respectful fur baby can ever have too many fuzzy blankets.  At least that's what Pogo tells me. 

I guess I'm not the only person to have problems with getting packages safely to their destinations.  This has nothing to do with Aunt Lucy's package.  The reason for not leaving her package had to do with safety, and she did finally get it.

One year I sent three large boxes to my son in Florida.   After two weeks of them not showing up at my son's house, I went to the Post Office to find out what happened to the boxes.  The first thing the Post Master told me was that most likely I had the wrong zip code on my boxes and that was why they had not been delivered.

I promptly showed him my receipt from when I mailed the boxes.  The zip code for every package you mail shows up on your receipt.  Had my zip code been wrong, the post master would have caught it at the time I was mailing the boxes and fixed it.

A few days later, all three boxes showed up at my son's house.  My zip code had been blocked out on all of the boxes, and now a hand-written zip code was on each box.  There is a hard lesson here.  Always, always get your receipt, (and save it) and scotch tape over the address and zip code  on your packages.  I even tape over the return address.  It's not fool proof, but it sure does help.

I did finish up the pink blanket yesterday.  Actually, I put a couple extra rows on it.  When I finish the baby cocoon, I'll probably make another little blanket.  One can always use an extra baby blanket.  Here's a peek at the pink blanket.

Today, I have another Christmas QP for you.  I have such fun making them.  This one features a couple of snow folks sharing their sweet berry bush with a little squirrel.  Have fun with it.

Here is your download link:
Now I'm going to see about getting a few things done here.  The next few hours will fly by, and soon it will be time to go grocery shopping.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

Your lovely QP is adorable. I will be having a head start on my Christmas pages next year because I have so many beautiful QP's not to mention tons of other things you have shared with me. Thank you ever so much.
I did a page with a Lion last night. It turned out pretty.

The nurse just left. She said that they wound is really red today and looked irritated. Well that is interesting. I know that it has been itching but I thought that was a sign that it was healing. She made a note of it and called in for a special cream to go over the wound. No way I could scratch it. They have it taped up tighter than Ft. Knox lol.

Oh A new chair for Pogo... How awesome! I just know that he will love that and his new blankets! Cisco has an appointment at the vet at 2:30 today. Nathan is giving him a bath now. He is in a lot of pain. He will cry at the slightest touch. It is more in his back hind quarters but I noticed last night when I tried to move him over he cried and whimpered. I couldn't stand it. I got out my heating pad and turned it onto low and he seemed to have found some relief because he finally went to sleep.
I have a friend who will drive us to the Animal Hospital Clinic. It is not far from me at all but he cannot walk that far and neither can I.

Well Nathan is finished with bathing Cisco and I need to dry him good. I don't want him catching cold on top of his pain. I will talk to you soon... I will let you know what the doc says.
Love Cisco and Beth

Stacey said...

thanks so much for the beautiful qp! You'll have to take a picture of Pogo's chair when it arrives! I'm sure he'll love the blankets too, since he can't have enough of them. Our little girl, always has bunches of presents too. Since my sister and I don't have children and only 1 niece, we buy presents from our pets to each other's pets. Of course she's been naughty and trying to get the presents, so I told her she had better be good or the presents are going back and she's getting coal. (they actually have doggie coal at petsmart) LOL. She already opened one of her presents from my sister's dog and I had to rewrap it. I'm down to only Kobi, since our Bella (cat), passed away at 17yrs. I want to get another but my hubby and I are waiting till he gets treatment and can return to work, so we will be able to better support another furbaby.

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Taking a break to say Hello. You are such a busy bee and all that you do is for somebody else ... Do you have wings hidden under that ugly sweater you are wearing today? I am so busy, not just with Christmas, but my son and Dil are leaving for Thailand the week after Christmas and I need to do a lot of planning and buying before he goes so we know what we are doing when we go (there are four of us ... me, my travel companion, her daughter and her daughter's friend) The daughter and friend are volunteering at an elephant sanctuary for a week while they are there, then will meet us in Phuket (what we call the paradise of Thailand). I am hoping I can get at least one of my camera's under control so I can get many pictures. I am especially excited about getting bird pictures because Ryan says there are many birds in many different colors.
I sent you an e-mail. Pogo's ribbons did get put on the Izzi packages so all is well ... I just hope I can get everything else ready in time. I really don't have much Christmas spirit, but we want to have a nice one because it is Mint's first American Christmas. I am sure it will be overwhelming for her ... but fun :)

I have been helping my friend with the raptors. It is getting really cold here so some of them have to be moved inside. I won't be taking any here for awhile so they are all at her house. I put a picture on facebook of us getting locked in the Great Horned Owl's mew. They had just put a new door knob on and when we closed the door behind us, it wouldn't open. We had to call someone to come get us out and fix the door so the people who come to clean and feed the birds during the week didn't get locked in too. We got a chuckle out of it, but were grateful that the plexiglass was up on the mew so there was no wind ... because it was cold out.
Sorry Pogo won't get his new chair on time, but I am guessing he will be so excited about his new blankets that he won't notice ... until it comes that is :) Then he will be full of joy. You two were made for each other ... Izzi has developed arthritis in her surgery leg and has been in a lot of pain. She is now on anti-inflammatories for the rest of her life and we need to keep her moving ... but, not jumping. I fear her agility days are over. I will take her to class on Wednesday nights where we can alter her courses so she doesn't have to jump and that way she can still see her friends and get the exercise she needs. I, on the other hand, will have to find new ways to exercise my body and brain. Walking is good for the body, but not too brain stimulating ... hmmm. Well, I will start reading again after the holidays, that should help. Meanwhile, my friend, enjoy your Christmas with Pogo and your dwarfs ... and hopefully with family. I will be checking in when I have a moment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

smiekeltje said...

That pink blanket looks lovely. What a pain with the packages, but they finally arrived, thank God
I always try to put tape over the address label and all written stuff. It surely helps.
Oh, a new chair for Pogo, I am curious. well, may be it will arrive just in time, who knows.
I will have myself a very easy day today, dressed in my snuggle pyjama, watching a bit tv. probably doing some kntting and may be a moment at the computer later this afternoon.
You have a lovely day

Annesphamily said...

Always fun to visit and I have not been blogging this past week. So wanted to stop by and say hi. I will catch up later, could not sleep so I better try that again! I hope your little gift from me arrived and you will enjoy it. I am saving my gifts from you for Christmas. I did not want to open them too soon. You and Poho have a great weekend and take care. Hugs, Anne