Thursday, December 3, 2015

Woo Hoo! The Cards Are In The Mail!!

December 3, 2015

Good morning everybody.   The sun peeks in and out from behind the clouds, and today's temperature will be in the upper 40's.  Not too shabby, huh?  I love it.  According to the Weather Channel, it looks like New England will be fairly warm all month.  I can definitely handle this!!

Folks, if you should notice that any of my letters are scrambled, please let me know so that I can fix them.  I proof read my text to catch any of this scrambling, but sometimes I miss something.  It seems that as one ages, the dyslexia gets worse.  It takes me twice as long now to type something.  It is livable though.  I'm not complaining, just explaining.

Well yesterday I finished addressing the first half of my Christmas cards, and this morning they are going in the mail.  Woo Hoo!!   I was missing a few addresses, but now I have them.  So, today I hope to finish up the rest of my cards. 

I'll start mailing out my mailer boxes this weekend.  Oh gosh, it feels good to be back on track.  I have an extra batch of my calendars, so I'll giving them out to a lot more folks.  This makes me feel good too.  (See, I told you I was a cheap date.  It doesn't take much to make me happy.)

Yesterday, I forgot to post the first of your Christmas QP's.  (except for the WW Christmas ones.)  So today I'll post this one.  It is done in soft hues of Wildberry Rose.  (I just made that up!!)  I hope you like it.

Here is your download link:

I went a little crazy making the Christmas QP's, and now I have enough for at least two a week.  Hmmm, maybe even more.  I don't know if I'm finished making them yet.  Goodness, such a problem, huh?

Mr. Freshy Pants (one of my names for Pogo) is in a good mood this morning, and starting to climb all over me while I type.  He is quite pleased with himself whenever he can make me stop what I am doing and play with him. 

DIL Janet could not come by last evening because she is sick in bed with a nasty cold.  Just what I do not need!!  Hopefully, she will get better soon.   I missed my evening with her, but I don't think she should come by until at least one week after she is all better.  Just in case!!

This afternoon, Joe has another doctor appointment (for his finger) and then we'll do our grocery shopping.  Well, at least that's the plan.  While we're there, I want to look for the Spring Green yarn.  If they don't have it, I will order it on-line from JoAnn's Fabric Store. 

Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,

Lovely Quick Pages.... In fact I am going to use one or more to make a Memory page of my cousin. I found one that will be perfect for her and I just love your little friend, Lola... and todays Noel was just lovely. Gosh I am so far behind in my blog and pages. It is a sad fact but with Deborah's death I just have not been able to concentrate on anything it seems. My girlfriend Erica pulled me out of the house yesterday. We had coffee here, then I took two pictures of her and amazed her with what I did with those pictures in the scrapbook world. I am going to Post them on my blog today. In fact that is the next thing on my to do list for today.

I am not sure if the email that I sent to you ever made it to you. I went to get something to drink and by the time that I got back it was gone but I did not get a message that it had been sent so I checked my sent mail. Nothing there. So I am not sure this crazy computer/internet even sent it at all. That would have been about 3 evening's ago now.

Cisco is doing so much better. His cold has been short lived. He is happy as a little pig in mud! He was restless last night. Oh he just wanted to play. Trust me, playing tug of war at 3:00 am was not my idea. But I played with him hoping that he would get out that burst of energy! Then when I realized he was still wound up I woke Nathan, not that I wanted to but because I dislike going out that late or early morning because I feel vulnerable, to tell him I was going out with Cisco and I had my phone but to keep an eye on us and I took Cisco. I took him off his leash. I let him run, skip, hop, jump and sniff all that he wanted to. I stood at the awning and just let him go into the field and he had a blast. The poor kid was tired when we came back in and he went straight to sleep. And finally I could too.

Today is Grocery shopping but I am not going. I am making a list for Jonathan and Nathan so they can go. My medicine has made my tummy feel like a roller coaster so I am just staying home. Time for me to make that grocery list and head over to my blog! Hugs to you and Pogo and of course he has to send out a woof and a lick... and I am sending a Thank you for the beautiful Qp's and xoxoxoxxo's to the both of you... Love, Beth and Cisco

Debby said...

Oh you should like all is well in your spirit. That's a good thing.
My little ones was just doing the same thing trying to keep me off the computer perhaps it is just because he wants to sit on it. I am back to reading blogs, yippee.

smiekeltje said...

Sorry I didn;t comment on yesterday's post, but i even didn;t turn on the computer. Myh day was all mixed up, I went on an early grocerie schopping, than had a moment rest and then went again to Heidi for the doggies.
In the afternoon I was busy in the kitchen, making two priogi(kind of Russian pie with minced meat). That took quite a while and I was glad to sit down after we had dinner and I washed up the plates etc.
Today i will bring over one of the pirog to Heidi.
little Ali is gorgeous.

You did a lot of work these past days! Good for you.
I will have to write some Christmascards and sent them away too. perhasps this weekend could be a good time for it.
Oh, hope all is well with Joe's finger!
Okay, going to post on my blog now.
Have a lovely day

Marty T said...

Thanks Miss Edna! I love you quick pages.

Stacey said...

thank you for the pretty qp! I will come back and do the train soon. I just don't have the time right now, as I still need to get the decorations up outside. My hubby can't help, so I'll do it slowly. I hope Janet feels better soon! I'm behind so going to run now. I spend every friday afternoons with my sister and need to get ready.

Nani said...

Okay, I'll be commenting again soon, but I wanted to poke my head in and say "hi." The last few weeks have been crazy for me, you know that, Edna, and I'm catching up on the last week of your blog! I've been reading but not commenting; happy that I'm not near as behind as I feared I was, but disappointed in myself thatI didn't comment last week. I wanted to chime in and leave a hug - {{{HUG}}}

Hugs, Nani