Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Rather Busy Day

December 10, 2015

Good morning everybody.  Well, yesterday certainly was a different sort of day.  First it started with the wicked phone call telling me that my computer had been hacked (most likely a bit of nonsense).  After posting a very short post, I then got busy with my wrapping and packing.  After lunch, I started backing up the files on my laptop.  Would you believe, this took until 8 p.m. last night to finish?

I did contact my phone company (Comcast) and explained the problem phone call.  I also told them about all the strange phone calls that I get from all over the country.  I answer the phone and no one is there so I hang up. 

The Comcast representative proceeded to tell me that because I have not installed their home security system, he would transfer me to someone who would make an appointment for me to sit down with someone from the company who would help me choose a security system for my house.  ???????????  What exactly does this have to do with the strange phone calls??????

Next, they switched me to a person who would explain call screening and help me to get it set up.  Basically, she told me to dial a certain number, then follow the prompts.  Wow!!  I'm wondering why the previous person could not read that same line to me.  The bottom line is that they do not help you the customer.  You activate this process, and then whenever you get a call that you don't want to be able to call you, you type in the number and press a button.  Whoop de do!!!

Folks, as soon as I can come up with a better way of getting internet and favorite TV stations delivered to my home, Comcast will be a thing of the past.  They are expensive, and not really "customer friendly." 

On a bright note, Joe and Pogo and I made another trip to the Post Office yesterday afternoon with a second load of boxes and packages.   Unfortunately for me, I keep coming across something that I missed getting into a box or package.  Oh well, I do my best, and the left overs will go back into the gift draw for next year. 

Today, I think Pogo and I will go out to do a couple of errands.  I still need a couple of small things to finish off my last few packages.   It's going to be warm outside, so it's a good day to get out for a bit.  Actually, I can shut off the heat for the next few days (during the day). 

I dug into my photo archives for a couple of birdie shots that I took while I was still working.  I love cardinals.  Their colors are so beautiful.  See if you agree.

That's about all the excitement around here.  In the evening, I've been working on my crochet projects.  A pink baby blanket. a couple of neck warmers and the baby cocoon.  The little Christmas tree is almost up.  Just a couple more things to move, then the decorations will be brought out and put on the tree. 

Well, that's all the news for today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
I have your gift... Not really what I had in mind for you but I hope that you will enjoy it and something for our boy Master Pogo!

Could I ask a favor of you please? Can you send me the demensions or pattern for the lapghans? I would love to make them for our nursing home residents. I am re-discovering my love of crochet.

I wish that I had time to really post a good comment here but we are having an inspection and I am waiting for the visiting nurse and I am up to my ears in trying to get everything done. Not happening as fast as I want to because I was up to 5 this morning crocheting my granddaughter Cathy a blanket for her dolls and had to be up early so I feel a nap coming on lol... Hugs to you and Pogo from me and Cisco.. Will chat with you soon... Love, Beth.
Oh another favor... I would love to send Kyra a Christmas card and thank her for all her beautiful kits. Would you ask if I can have her postal address and if not if I put the card in your box would you mail it to her? Hugs!

Stacey said...

we have cox communications, which I like alot. the others seem so horrible, and i've heard horror stories. my aunt in South Carolina, last year didn't get cbs for almost a month while they're company fueded with them. they are expensive and rarely help. I'm grateful for cox for sure. My internet went out a couple of hours one month and they even credited me 5.00 for it, so i'm staying. why the idiot thought that adding home security (for more money) would help with crank phone calls is beyond me. LOL. I'm glad the weather is warm in the day, and saying money on heating bill is a good thing! I hope you got your packages out. i'm still crafting, but luckily if I send them by next friday they should still arrive in time.

Debby said...

We have had strange phone calls since we were given a new number. They wouldn't let us keep the one we had for 30 years. But last night I got a call on my cell. The guy asked for someone I didn't know. I told him he had a wrong number. The guy said he was an attorney and he as calling to help this person. Said, I didn't even know this person. I don't think he believed me.
You sure mail a lot of packages. I love buying for Christmas. My grands are starting to get older and want gift cards as their parents. That's not as much fun.
But, this year it's probably a good thing.

smiekeltje said...

You;ve been busy the last couple of days!
I had a lot to read to catch up.
Not making a long comment, cause have to post on my blog and cannt sit too long at the computer. But it's going better.
Glad you are okay, and all planning seems to go well LOL!
Have a wonderful day.