Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oooooh, I Truly Love Santa Claus!!!!

December 8, 2015

Good morning everybody.  Today I'm not going to have a long post because I really need to buckle down and get some of these mailer boxes ready to go to the Post Office later this afternoon.  Every day something seems to pop up that keeps me from getting this done.  Today I need to do it.  '

Yesterday, I set up things to start on my boxes, and the mail came along with a box addressed to me from Santa.  There was something I've been wanting for a while now, so you know I tore into that box.  I'll be a good girl, I'll put the wrapper under my tree.  But yesterday afternoon and evening, I had me a wonderful time playing with my beautiful new gift.

My box contained a Bose color soundlink to use with my phone and my tablet.  It looks blue, but it is called mint.  Oh my,  what a difference this makes to the music on my phone.  Of course, I next had to load up my phone with lots and lots more music, all free from Amazon.  (for Prime members)   The rest of the afternoon and evening was just blissful. 

Normally, I put all packages under the tree, but I just couldn't resist this one.  So now you know.  Some days, I can be really really naughty!!   So, if you love music, and you've been really good all year, have a chat with Santa while he still has a few of these left.  Maybe you'll get lucky too.

Now I really must get back in the kitchen and start on those mailer boxes.  I have four and a half hours to get them ready before we go to the Post Office.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

I am sure that Santa will not mind you opening and playing with your gift. He knows how good you are the rest of the year! I love your new gift. It is really nice and I know that it will bring you many hours of pleasure.

It is so great to watch the falling leaves, swirling along in the breeze, turning colors and taking a fall. It is odd not to see our birds out and about. I am not sure where they are but one of my friends said that they have great instincts about our weather and that they are migrating further south. I really don't know but I miss seeing them.

I have had a busy day and it is just noon, so I am going to close for now and finish up the last little bit that I have to do and then I think that I will lay down for a little while... Hugs, from me and Cisco.. You and Pogo have an awesome day!

Stacey said...

thank you so much for you beautiful worldwide Christmas train. I finally had time to get them all. OOh i'm jealous! I want one of those bose soundlinks. is it awesome? maybe next year. My hubby finally sees an independent doctor tomorrow, who will submit a report to the judge, and hopefully we'll have a decision on his workman's comp case before the end of the year. we're hoping! My mom is really bad, she opens all her presents early, so we don't give them to her till the last minute. LOL