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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Reprieve For Pogo

October 11, 2015

Good morning.  Pogo and I got up early this morning so I thought I would post a bit before I get too involved with other things.  I have a habit of getting side tracked, and then I forget what I should be doing. 

Like yesterday, for instance.  I was timing myself nicely as I did things, keeping track of the time when Pogo and I would have to get ready to go for his doctor appointment.  Then the mailman came, and Pogo was hungry and wanted his lunch.  I was almost finished getting his lunch ready, when I looked up at the clock. 

Oh No!!  It was twenty minutes till his appointment.  I called his doctor's office to let them know I was running late, and would that be a problem.  (after all, plenty of times we have to sit in the waiting room and wait for quite a while)  Unfortunately there were no more openings for the afternoon.  So they re-scheduled Pogo's appointment till this coming Tuesday.  Of course, Pogo was tickled pink about this.  He wasn't looking forward to getting the flu shot anyway.

I took a photo of the baby cocoon from the cover of my new pattern book.  Mine is white with bits of pastels throughout it, but it's not ready to be photographed yet.   Aren't these are just the cutest things?

I also took a photo of the pale plum neck warmer that I've just finished.  This one is a size small, and is closed, temporarily, with a kilt pin.  I have to do some button shopping.  (although, I do like the pin closure too)

This neck warmer is great for folks like me who don't like a lot of scarf wrapped around my neck and stuffed inside my jacket.  The next one I make will be a bit bigger to fit me.  For those of you wanting to make one, this pattern is nineteen stitches wide and sixty four rows long. (for the small size)  I used worsted weight yarn, and half doubles (crochet) throughout. 

Well, I did a bit of shopping online yesterday for a few new scrapping kits.  Then I had me some fun working with all these new scrap goodies.  Of course, that just means more QP freebies for you.  I'm having fun with the Halloween theme, so I may have to post more than one freebie a week. 

Well, Pogo has already had his breakfast, and his turkey treat from Joe.  So now it's time to make something for me.  Maybe some toast, orange juice and a hot cup of coffee.  Hmmm, there's a bowl of garlic and butter spaghetti in the fridge calling out to me too.  Oh dear, decisions, decisions.

On that note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I love the baby cocoon! This is so practical and has to be easier than wrestling all those flailing arms and legs into sleeves and pants legs. I remember one of my favorite winter coats for my son was basically a bag with sleeves. It also allows for growing room.

LV said...

You do a great job on your crochet. I never saw a neck warmer. Great idea.

smiekeltje said...

You are really into a lot of projects with the crocheting! Doesn;t matter, it keeps you busy hahaha.
Oh I know all about getting siedetracked and then looking at the clock and have a shock.
In a way it is a good thing. I think still better than all the time looking at the clock and hoping time passes, hey?
Hmmm, that spaghetti and garlic sounds yummie, although I wouldn;t eat it quickly as breakfast.
Yesterday it was Jan's last weekend day job (not the final, next weekend he will do it again) and so I made supper for him, that he could warm up in the oven. And for myself I made fried potatoes, a piece of chicken filet and self made appel-compote Yummie!
Pogo for sure was delighted with the new appointment, the longer it lasts the better he thinks.
Today I will be a bit more active than in the weekend. I think a laundry is waiting and the toilet-and shower room could do with a cleaning.
Have to make a phonecall or two too, so enough to fill my day and if time is left, there is enough left to do LOL
Have a wonderful day