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Friday, October 2, 2015

Pogo Takes Up Interior Decorating

October 2, 2015

Good morning from soggy New England.  Yesterday's rain took a nice break from mid morning till just after 5 p.m, then it started up again.  It rained on and off all throughout the night and stopped before daybreak.  It's windy, but not too much, and the rain will start up again in a few hours. 

It looks like the hurricane is going to head back out to sea, but not before causing a lot of damage and grief from the high winds and lots and lots of rain.  The southeastern coastline is getting hit the hardest.  I worry for my family and friends who live there.  Three of my children live in the Southern states.  And you know us moms.  We never stop worrying about our babies.

I have to share this photo with you.  I was trying to take some new photos of Pogo the other day, and he just wasn't in the mood to cooperate.  This is what most of my photos looked like.  Even when he's fuzzy, he's handsome!

Well, let me tell you, yesterday was quite a day!!  I got ready to start working on a "stuff" pile, and my eyes wandered to the shelves inside my coffee table.  I'll have to take a photo of this table to show you what it looks like.  But for now -- I decided instead to clean off all the stuff on these shelves. 

So, I started and as usual I kept getting side-tracked.  Everything I picked up either required my reading it or playing with it.  Next thing you know, I had new piles everywhere.  On the sofa, on top of my laptop, on the rest of the tabletop and on the floor around my feet.  I must say, I was having some fun.

All of a sudden it was 4:30, and Joe was home from work.  This meant that I had to stop what I was doing and let Pogo go out into the main part of the house so that he could get his turkey treat from Joe. 

Next, Joe and I went to food shopping at Market Basket, and I was able to stock up on meats and lunch meats.  We got home and before I could even start to put away any of my groceries, I almost stepped on a "no-no" on my kitchen floor.  Pogo did not even greet me at the door.  So where was he?  He was sitting on my lounge chair (which he normally can't climb up on) on top of my lap blanket and looking very woe-be-gone.

Thank goodness I'm smart enough to put lots of scatter rugs down on the carpet, aloing with a couple of large fuzzy blankets for any "just in case" happenings.  Well, he managed to decorate the kitchen floor, every scatter rug, my lap blanket and both fuzzy blankets. 

I rolled everything up into a blanket to wash, and went to pick him up so that he wouldn;t be scared.  I don't scold or hit him, so the being scared part must come from his other life.  Well, surprise surprise!  He had this mess stuck all over himself too.  Oh no!  I took him into the bathroom and got him all cleaned up.  After wrapping Pogo up in a big thick towel, I sat on my lounge chair to dry him off.

Again - Oh no!!  The seat and one arm on my chair were also decorated.  I took Pogo out to Joe and asked if would hold Pogo for a while so that I could clean up my chair.  Just as I was finishing up this task, I looked over at my crochet project bag that was next to the chair and thought I was going to have to cry.  Yup Yup!!  That was decorated too. 

By the time I finally got everything cleaned up, the laundry going and the groceries put away, it was 8 o'clock.  Needless to say, we had a very late supper.   Then I had to pick up all the new little piles that I had made before going shopping, and find a place for everything so that Pogo could get up on the sofa and I could settle down to watch my favorite TV program that was coming on at 9 p.m.  I barely made it. 

Today I'm not going to pick a chore to do.  I'm just going to do whatever pops up.  Aside from going out for a little while to pick up my meds, it's going to be an easy restful day.  I hope.

My daughter Deanne changed her profile photo on Facebook to an old photo of me and her dad.  I was twenty one in this photo, and her dad was quite the handsome young man.  (I remarried in later years.) 

So, I thought I would post another old photo.  Only this photo is of Deanne dancing with her dad some twenty odd years later.  She's beautiful and he is still quite handsome.

It's almost 9 a.m. now so I think I'll get dressed and go pick up my meds.  Then the rest of the day is mine.  First let me post today's QP freebie.  This is the last one in the celebration series.   Enjoy!

And here is your download link:

Folks, if you're in the areas that are getting heavy wind and rain and flash flooding, take care and be safe.  Please don't forget your pets.  So till Sunday, Y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B


Unknown said...

Oh Edna,
What a time that you had with Pogo's accidents. Bless his heart. He must have been very scared you think?

I just sent Nathan to the store for me. My side and back has been hurting for most of the night and started to really bother me so I asked him to get me a sandwich before he goes to grocery shop for me. I am just not up to the walking around at the moment. Anyway I told him that I would like the Monterrey Chicken sub and he just called. They are not using chicken anymore. It is now the Monterrey Turkey sub. No thank you. I chose just an original sub. Every where is beginning to use Turkey instead of Chicken. I suppose it is because of the bird flu that wiped out so many chickens and the prices are just so high.

I wanted to talk to you Edna and was going to call you, but I am hurting so badly that I think that I am going to just have my sandwich and lie down for a bit. Thankfully I have my pain pills that I can take. I have not had to take anything for pain since I left the hospital so I am lucky to have them put away.
My sister Linda worked at a dry cleaners years ago and the rack that goes around to hang the clothes on went crazy and pinned her against the wall and damaged a lot of veterbres in her neck. I seen what she went thru getting off the pain pills. It was a hard battle for her and I have been afraid of them ever since so I will only take a pain pill if I truly need one.
I am so proud of my sister for winning her battle. To this day she will use a pain pill as a last resort.

Cisco loves me again. He hasn't left my side all day. I guess he knows how I am feeling. I am sure hoping that Pogo is alright. I am so very sorry about all of the interior decorating that he did to your place. I know that it couldn't be helped tho. But your chair and crocheting... OH...

Deanne looks so very much like you. You pictures are just gorgeous. I thought that was you in the bottom until you told differently. Very beautiful and very handsome! I have lost most of my pictures which is really sad for my kids. Especially the ones of them and their dad and the ones of when they were little. Long before the flood, we had a faulty water heater that burst and ruined a closet where I had stored my cedar chest. In that chest were many photo albums.

Nathan is here with my sandwich so I am going to take my break... Hugs to you and Pogo. Love, Beth and Cisco.... Oh... thank you so much for the quick pages this week... Loved them all.

LV said...

One thing about your Pogo, he keeps you on your toes. Trust the weather does not affect you too much. Wish you could send us some of the rain.

Nani said...

I hope Pogo is feeling okay and that he doesn't get the bug to decorate again anytime soon! A day without so much to do is better for both of you!

I love old photos! None of us change, really, we just add years of character to our younger selves when you look at the photos. You definitely had a classic almost magazine cover look at 21!

I took today as a relax day with no plans. I have full days planned again starting tomorrow, but tomorrow's plan is full fun day.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Nani

Stacey said...

thank you very much for the beautiful page!

I hope poor Pogo is feeling better today. He must have not been feeling too well to have so many accidents. poor little guy. Every now and then our Kobi will have an upset tummy and accidents will happen. Just wish it wasn't such a long job for you. Our Kobi has quite a furry behind, so it's much easier to clean her in the shower, of course she doesn't like bum baths, but as she does like sleeping in bed with us, mommy has to do it!

I'm so glad he has such a wonderful happy life with you, because his previous experiences must not have been to good.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this pretty download...

smiekeltje said...

Oh my, Pogo gave you some surprise. Poor girl, all that cleaning to do, and on top having to clean Pogo too and him being all scared and confused. Gosh, quite an afternoon!
Good idea to make no plans for today, just to take it easy!

Deanne is an image from you, you two look so much alike!
Lovely picture from you and your love and then awesome the one from Deanne and her dad, dancing.
I always loved to dance with my dad, he was very good at the foxtrot and slowfox as well as the English walz. Oh memories!!!

You take it easy today, together with Pogo, okay?
Have a wonderful day.

The Queen Jester said...

It's amazing how such a little dog can make such a mess. I'm glad you're gentle with him and not punishing him for this. Poor little guy must have been terrified. Your daughter looks so much like you.

Mats World said...

Hello Miss Edna and thanks ever so much for the lovely gifts all this week. I find such joy in reading your daily e-mails. So sorry that poor Pogo was ill and gave you so much to is sad when these fur babies get ill and that is the only way they can alert us...I have been cleaning up accidents a lot lately! I think I have figured out some of the problem with mine...when I give then seafood is when I find all the vomit on the will not give them any for awhile and see if I am right! Anyhow, hoping Pogo is feeling much better and that you got some rest.
The photo of Deanna with her dad looks so much like you and yes, he was a handsome man! Well, I am off here for the evening, going to go watch Dateline~chat more later, have a fabulous Sunday! Hugs, Mat