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Monday, October 19, 2015

Looking For A New Cat House?

October 19, 2015

Good morning.  It's cold and a bit on the dreary side outdoors this morning, but all that could change in a few hours.  I haven't checked the Weather Channel yet, so I'm not quite sure what sort of weather we are expecting today.  Of course, it really doesn't matter because it will be what it will be.

I had thought I might sleep in a bit late this morning, but Mr. Pogo had other plans.  So like a good mommy, I got up and made him some breakfast.  Now I'm sitting here typing a post, and my little guy is sound asleep in his little bed.  Hmmm, go figure!

Well, last evening I finished the denim blue neck warmer and made another one.  I had ordered a batch of kilt pins from Amazon, and they should arrive today.  I've decided that I like these pins better than buttons for closures on the neck warmers. 

Remember all those cute little RV doggie houses that I posted a while back?  Well, I found some adorable little cat houses on the web.  They sort of look like little nut shells.  There was no price listed with them, so I can only guess at what they might cost, but they are cute.

I haven't made any special plans for today, so I guess I'll just go with the flow and see where it takes me.  Ever notice how when there is so much to choose from that you somehow don't get anywhere at all?   There are a zillion things that I could do, but somehow I don't get many of them done.  Ah well, I think that's one of the perks of retirement.  No set schedules.

Has anyone noticed how quickly this month is going by?  There's not quite two weeks left in it.  I'm beginning to hope that maybe if the months are going by so quickly, that just maybe the cold weather season will fly by too.  You think?  Keep in mind that Spring is only one hundred and fifty two days away!

As promised, here's an extra freebie for this week.  For the background on this one, I used one of my photos of the beautiful Autumn foliage  I hope you can use it. 

Here is your download link"

Now I think I'll go see what sort of mischief I can get into today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I love those cat would hard to pick which one I'd want. I've seen similar ones and I believe they are felted. I'm sure they'd be soft and warm. But I must resist! We have more cat beds than cats now.

Stacey said...

thank you so much for the wonderful quickpages! i'm sorry i've been sick so got behind. We had a family reunion last weekend which was wonderful, but the kids gave me bronchitis which was not. I'm finally feeling better. I love those cute cat houses. we bought Kobi a cute doggy bed, but she prefers our bed (we have little doggy steps so she can get on without hurting herself) (we learned from our last baby to start her young on the steps as our Koa who passed away a year and a half ago we didn't introduce them to her till she was a senior and she refused to use them). Her doggy bed is now her toy playpen - LOL.

Annesphamily said...

Oh cute! I love the cat houses. I saw a scratching post house at Target today. I am sure our large Mr. Kitty would demolish it but he and Rose both love to use those scratching posts. I have been spoiled with the warmer weather and tomorrow we are in for lots of rain. Problem here is Hannah's room will getting water damage. Nothing seems to be working out for me, always something going on and I am waiting for the sky to fall on my head! Hopefully we can put up our giant blue tarp to help move the water away from the house. I am praying we can afford to cover our patio next Spring, God willing!
You always bring a smile to me when you visit. Glad you and Pogo are both getting along well. Stay healthy. I need my flu shot. I may run over to Walgreens and get it this week, it is free when we show our ins. card. I am looking for a new dr. I am sick of these big corporations and greed. We pay so much for health ins. and we should be able to see a dr. when we need one not when it is convenient for them! Our health care has taken a seriously critical turn for the worse!
I am catching up with everyone today. I am happy I am here. You bring a smile to me. Thank you my friend. Have a great week and take care.

Marty T said...

Thanks Miss Edna for another wonderful quick page! I love the cat houses. I could use one of each at the least. I have seven cats! And two dogs. I call my house "our critter asylum". It's always crazy around here.

smiekeltje said...

Those cat houses are simply adorable. But I wonder if our Brodski would actually use one. He has the striky habit of NOT sitting or lying on places we specially prepared for him LOL!
He has a mind of his own, I guess.
and zillion things to do and not achieving one of them sounds familiar, haha.
I'll see what I will achieve today.
It might be that for desert this evening I will try my hand on a small bread and butter pudding.Have no idea how it tastes and if it will be succesful, but we always can try hey?
You have a lovely day, till tomorrow.