Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where Does My Day Go?

June 30, 2015

Good morning.  My goodness, it's already the last day of June.  I think it's amazing that the only season that lingers on forever is Winter.  I wonder why that is?   I suppose the folks who love to ski are thinking that Winter flies by too.  Hmmmm.

Today is looking quite lovely with lots of sunshine.  I was watching the Weather Channel to see how the day would go, but they get so bogged down with all kinds of technical facts about African dust, ocean swirls (I made that one up), and upper and lower air currents, that they take all day to get to the local weather.  Some days I just don't have the patience for all this information.  I just want to know what the weather will be today.  So I changed the channel to Unsolved Mysteries.  Much better!!

Yesterday was a busy day, all day.  But for the life of me, I can't figure out just what it was that kept me so busy.  I look around me, and I see the same dust bunnies that were here yesterday.  The folded laundry that was piled up on the chair is still there. 

Hmmm, I guess keeping busy has a different meaning when you get old and retired.  At least, when you are by yourself.  When your mate is still with you, I can see where things would be different.  I think I'm quite lucky to have such good tenants so close by.  It's just me and Pogo here, but we're really not alone with the dwarfs nearby, so I can't really hibernate for too long.

I think I mentioned a few days ago that I had bought a couple of squirrel feeders.  Well, we picked up some shellac, and over the last few days, Joe has put several coats of lacquer on the bigger feeder.  Yesterday afternoon, we went out into the yard to hang the feeder and fill it with food. 

While Joe was hanging the feeder on the tree, there were squirrels sitting in the trees nearby watching, and waiting for us to walk away.  Once we got in the house, the fun began.  Of course, I ran for my camera so that I could get some fun shots. 

The first squirrel to reach the feeder thought he was in heaven and that this was his own personal feeder.  Much to his chagrin, he was quickly joined by another squirrel.  Squirrel #1 was kept busy for a while guarding over his treasure, and chasing squirrel #2 down, and around the tree trunk and away from the feeder.  Finally  he gave in and shared the goodies.

The second feeder is made of cedar, and I wasn't going to have Joe shellac it, but now I think we should.   These are left out in the weather year round, so the shellac will help them to hold up longer.  So, I guess we'll start on this one later today when Joe gets home.  This one is smaller and holds ears of corn or something similar.

I will have to check on Amazon to see what else we can put in the feeder for the squirrels to eat.  Right now, I just have peanuts and rolls for them.   Folks, these feeders are worth the price, considering all the entertainment they will be providing for us humans.

Today, I'm hoping to go to Best Buy to get some help with my cell phone.  DIL Janet is feeling much better now, and is coming over to go with us.  (me and Pogo)  Maybe we'll grab some fast food, and have lunch in the park.  Now that sounds like fun!!! 

Now I think it's time for me to get dressed.  I surely can't go shopping in my jammies!!!  haha.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...


Oh my what cute pictures of the squirrels and the feeders. I have never seen a squirrel feeder before. How fun! I googled what they like to eat. Sunflower seeds are at the top of the list but they also like fruit, especially grapes. For an easy mixture, rolled oats, nuts and raisins spread on pine cones. They love corn cobs but these need to be the kind from a feed store, not the kind that we eat. So there is a little help there.
Today is Jonathan's birthday and I updated my blog a few minutes ago with his birthing story. It is always fun to remember those special moments. I told him we would do something special and he wants Mexican Food. Yummy!
I guess I had better get busy with my day. Have a great one! Beth and Cisco.

Stacey said...

oh my gosh! so adorable! wish we had squirrels - too hot here. for you winter seems forever - for us in the desert it's summer. it was the hottest June on record here in Vegas, not boding well. summer starts in May and ends in October (hopefully) sometimes we are in the 90s still in October. I want fall so badly! been between 107 and 115 for 2 straight weeks. going to be at least another 10 days over 105 not fun!

smiekeltje said...

The feeders for the squirrels will give you a lot of fun watching them, and the squirrels will be ever so happy to have found a place with everlasting food supply LOL!
Great that Janet is feeling much better and that she will be visiting you again. Sounds like a good plan to have a lunch at the park!
Have a wonderful day,

The Queen Jester said...

Maybe I need to add a squirrel feeder so they will leave my bird feeders alone. They've become quite brazen here in our campground and I often have to pick the feeders up off the ground.