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Monday, June 1, 2015

I'm Hanging In There

June 1, 2015

Good morning.  Sorry about no post yesterday, but this weekend had no "feel good" days in it.  This morning, I called and made another appointment with the doctor for tomorrow afternoon.    Sooner or later, he should be able to come up with something to get rid of whatever this is that is keeping me down for so long. 

Well, May was a beautiful month, and now it's June already.  Here in New England, we are starting this new month with showers.  Lots of showers to help get us out of the "moderate drought" stage.  You would think that with all the snow we got this winter, we'd have plenty of water.  This was all explained on the Weather Channel, but somehow it hasn't penetrated my brain yet.  I can be a little slow on some things.  Here's the June page from my calendar.

This morning I'm doing some laundry.  I've let it pile up, but now I'm running out of jammies.  I've been living in my jammies, but my jammy drawer is just about empty.  Only one more nightie left in it.  

I'm in week nine of whatever it is that I have, and I'm not one bit happy about it.  I have so much to do, and not one shred of energy to do it with.   Thank goodness for Pogo.  I have to cook meals for him, so adding a little more food for me is easy.  If he didn't need to eat, I'd stick to crackers and water or ginger ale.  

The first six weeks, my appetite was much better, but these past few weeks, my appetite is not so good.  Of course, the plus is that I lost three pounds.  Imagine, just three pounds!!  Ah well, I guess I have to be thankful to lose them and not put them on. 

I found this adorable image on the web and borrowed it to share with you.  Now tell me, honestly, I'm not the only person this refers to, am I?

 I also have an adorable photo of Pogo in his car seat, that I took last week when we were able to get out for a little while.   Isn't he just the cutest?  He was so thrilled at being out riding in the car that he didn't even mind me taking a photo of him.

There's not lots of news here, and the laundry is calling me.  Tis time to put it in the dryer and start a second load of wash.  So, on that note I'll take my leave.  Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

I am sorry to hear that your still not feeling well but I am so very happy that you have another doctor's appointment so that perhaps he/she can help you find a solution to what is ailing you. Remember the time that I had with what ever bug that attacked me. Truth be known, I still feel bad a lot of days and the only thing that hasn't changed is my appetite. Oh I take that back, I seem to be eating a little more than usual even for me. Snacking my way thru the days. At least I am going for the more healthful kinds of snacking than the chips and cookies.
Have you thought of trying to drink those energy drinks like Boost? I pour mine into a small container and freeze it and have a frozen treat when I get tired of just drinking them solo.
I have just had an argument over canceling my dental insurance. This woman was so rude to me and when I called her on it she informed me that I was not allowing her to do her job by fixing the problem with the dental services... can you believe that? I told her that as far as I was concerned her only job concerning myself was in canceling the insurance.
She actually wanted to know just who I was getting my new insurance thru and I told her, that is a violation of privacy and it is NOT any of your business whom I choose or do not choose to use as my dental services. I just want the policy canceled.
Then Nathan proceeded to tell me to Stop Being Rude to the lady! So I really am annoyed now.
It is best that I get off here and find something physical to do so I do not stew in my own juices lol... Have a great day! Beth

Debby said...

I am sorry you have been sick so long. I hope the doctor gets to the bottom of this soon. I'm sure that the antibiotics are messing with your stomach. I always have a yogurt each day when I am on them. The last round really messed with how I felt. Usually just the belly thing.
Pogo looks so cute. Missing my girl. I haven't posted about it yet but we have a puppy waiting on us to get back from our family vacation. He is a Chorky. He was the biggest of the litter of three. His dad is 4 lbs and mom is 6. I wasn't prepared to see how much she looks like Izzy. I know it was really soon. but we have been thinking of a puppy for quite some time since Izzy was so sick.
It is hard to believe that all that water from the snow and still in a drought.
We had a dry May but some really nice days. Would you believe I have the heat on today. Only 50s. I have my electric fireplace on but it wasn't enough.
Sure hope you get some help and feel better.

Nani said...

You must be getting the rain we had last weekend. It was so sad because last weekend was the festival weekend for the church across the street from us.

Every time I go to the grocery store I take my reusable shopping bags and a bag of bags to put in the recycling drum at the front of the store. There is always a bag of bags to return! LOL

That photo of Pogo in the car is just adorable!

I hipe you get a serous solution from the doctor and soon! You’ve been sick too long! :( Take care and get better; we’re BOTH too young to have “bad days.”

Hugs, Nani

Annesphamily said...

Edna, I have two 33 gal. trash bags full of plastic grocery store bags. I also have three cloth plastic bag holders and I own at least 40 reusable grocery bags! HaHaHa! Love the Minion share.

Get well girlie. That junk has given you a fit long enough. Argh....

Pogo seems fit as a fiddle. Take care my friend.

The Queen Jester said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I seem to have effects of my cold from last week again, lots of hacky ribs are getting sore. If this persists I'll have to go have it checked out and make sure it's not something more serious. I thought it was allergies, but it's just the constant coughing.
Pogo's little car seat is adorable - it looks nice and roomy while keeping him safe and secure.