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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Looking Like Another Great Day

November 2, 2011

Tootsie and I are off to an early start this morning.  Poor darling was frantically trying to wake me up this morning and I was trying to ignore her.  However, when she started doing a frenzied dance, I grabbed her and rushed her out to her potty room.  Almost made it!!   When will I ever learn???

It's an hour later now, everything has been cleaned up, Tootsie has had a bath, and I am sipping my coffee.  I don't think my little girl is feeling so good today.  She's not even eating her chicken treat and that is unusual for her.  Gosh, I hope she didn't catch a cold the other night.  She's also not eating so good, so I will have to watch her carefully, and maybe call her doctor if she does not improve soon.

Eddie and I did a bit of shopping yesterday.  I never realized how much information you need to carry with you just to buy some weatherproofing plastic for the windows.  I do know that most of the kits available are cut too short for my old windows.  Why do they do that?  The newer 60" windows do not need plastic weatherproofing.  The old 70" and 80" windows are the ones that need it.  So why do the plastic sheets come already cut 60-64" long?  My brain is missing something here.

Next on the list was to have Eddie hang one of Moo's wall paintings up on my living room wall.  It's an oil painting so you know what's coming next.  Yup!  This thing does not just hang on a screw.  You need a picture hanging kit.  We'll do this another day.

We did not get to buy any of the paint we need, nor did I look for a pair of sheer curtains for my door.  It wasn't a wasted trip though.  We did get the moulding for my door and a can of stain.  Plus, Eddie hung my clock up on the living room wall.  Oh, and I found a really pretty Christmas bow to hang on my new door.  So it was a good day after all.

I have a couple of photos to share this morning.  The first one is a miniature rose bush that is covered completely in ice.  It almost looks fake.

One of the weekly themes in photo class is "street signs."  I was looking for something interesting, and found this stop sign on my way home from work this past Sunday morning.  I found it rather unique with a mix of Fall colors, snow and broken twigs.

Lastly, I also stopped Sunday morning to take this photo of a wooded area that I found to be quite pretty.  It has a sort of "Fairy Land" look about it.

There is a camera show coming up this Friday and Eddie said that he will take me there.  I'm like a kid with a nickel to spend at the candy store.  There will be lots of new goodies there, and factory reps and tech specialists to do demonstrations.  There will also be some short seminars on cameras and photography.  The show is on for three days, so who knows?  Maybe I will go back a second time?

You know, just about every year I work on my birthday. This year, I decided that considering the age I am getting to be, I need to start treating myself a little bit.  A lot of the kids that I grew up with, and most of my family are gone.  So this year I'm not only am taking Friday off, but I'm having Saturday off too!   I had been thinking that I might not go to Florida this winter, but now I think that perhaps I will.  After that, there are lots of other places that I would like to visit.  Get ready world.  Here I come!

Now it's time to get Tootsie her morning meds, and see if I can tempt her to eat some breakfast.  It's beginning to look quite nice outside so maybe I can take her out for a little while.  We'll see.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

The roses look like they had the plastic wrap filter applied to them, one I often overuse because it's so much fun.

Nani said...

Edna, I love your stop sign, very topical! Oh, and the “glass” roses are nice! ;)

Last weekend we stopped at Home Depot to get a new filter for the furnace, David just brought the whole packaging for the old one. I hadn’t even realized he kept it! But he got in and out with exactly the right size. We found out the hard way that there were LOTS of different filters last spring!
I hope Tootsie is feeling better and soon!

Hugs to you both, Nani