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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Television Isn't What It Used To Be

July 16, 2011

Weather wise, the weekend is off to a great start.  It's really quite lovely.  Maybe later this morning Tootsie and I could go to the local flea market and walk around for a bit.  Who knows, we might even find a treasure.

I just finished channel surfing on the television and am very disappointed with the offerings.  We have hundreds of channels to choose from, but except for news and cartoons there really isn't anything much worth watching.  I find this to be very sad.  For now, I will have to be satisfied to watch "Peep-the big wide world/Pocoyo." 

I think the main characters are little round stick birds and a round blue stick duck.  I'm not sure, but at least they are entertaining.  At the moment, little colorful ants are eating the blue stick duck's bread and peanut butter.  Don't laugh!!  At least these little characters are entertaining.

Yesterday, I met the new little furry kid that moved in next door to where I work.  Oh my, what a sweetie!  Meet Daisy Rose Gemba.  Isn't she a darling?

Oh boy.  The program I've been watching has ended, and a new story is now playing.  Would you believe?  A large pink elephant and a little boy in blue are making mud pies much to the chagrin of their paranoid friend, a yellow duck who is afraid of getting dirty.  I do believe I'm experiencing a "Sam Adams" moment.  

How about a photo of one of my lilies?  There are so many of them that I think by the end of summer, we can transplant some of them to the other side of the house. 

Now I think I'll have me another cup of java and see what sort of mischief is awaiting me today.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

I know what you mean about the "fantastic"programs! LOL! We have sometimes other things to watch at night, but there are "children programs"too, with cartoons, which are horrible. For the moment we are kind of lucky, cause there is a temporary channel with lots of old cartoons, like the Flinstones, Popeye, etc. and my always nr.1 favourite Tom and Jerry!
The bunny is sweet and the lilies are awesome!
Enjoy the flea market, if you go. Hope you can find a little treasure for a small price! Makes the visit so worthwhile, hmmm?
Have a nice day

The Queen Jester said...

Maybe you've had just a touch too much java? Cartoons or's hard to tell. Cute bunny!

Anonymous said...

Love your music and videos!!!!!