Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Bit Of Indian Summer

September 21, 2010
Good morning on this lovely sunny morning. Today is looking like more of yesterday's fantastic weather. Sort of like the old fashioned Indian Summers that I remember from my childhood. It's a rather nice sort of crossover in the weather between the heat of Summer and the cool of Autumn. Nice!

Yesterday, my new book order came in the mail. Dover has so many wonderful books at very affordable prices. My granddaughter Jasmine is a voracious reader like I was at her age. So we sat down one day with the catalogue and picked out a magnificent pile of books. I sent her new books home with her Daddy, and she called all excited, to thank me. Your welcome sweetie, and I love you too.

I thought today I would share photos of flowers. We still have lots of gorgeous flowers and plants blooming here. On the way in to one of my favorite shopping areas, the whole center of the roadway is planted with red petunias. So of course, on my way out of there the other morning, I took some photos while I was waiting in line for the traffic light to turn green.

In the back seat of my car was the huge new plant that I had just purchased to put outside my door. What else, of course, but chrysanthemums. Lots of beautiful yellow ones. I would liked to have bought two plants, but there was not enough room in my shopping carriage. If they still have some when I go back to that store, I think I will get another plant.
I can hear Eddie and Bobby's voices outside my window so I think perhaps it's time for me to go get dressed and start my new day. Today they are finishing up the vinyl siding on the shed. It's going to seem strange (but nice!) to have a shed that doesn't leak when it rains!! That's it for today. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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