Friday, October 30, 2009

New Laptop Lingo To Learn

October 30, 2009

Well good morning and a find day it is!! Actually it is quite gray and damp out, but I am in a good spirit at the moment. A couple of days ago, I went out bought me a new laptop, and am trying to figure out how to use it. Last night, I managed to get my beloved jigsaw puzzle game downloaded into it. Oh joy! Oh joy! Of course, it meant that I had to re-purchase the program, but who cares! At least now I have my puzzles to relax with.

Everything on this laptop is brand new and quite mysterious to me. It's like finding my way around in a foreign country withhout a guide. I know, I know, why don't I just open up the manual and it will tell me what to do. Right? Well, not quite. These companies are too cheap to include a manual in the box with these expensive toys. Not to fear though. I shall persist and I shall win.

Of course, I have no files on this laptop either. So therefore I have no photos or layouts to share. Well, I am at work now, so I just went outside to get a photo of a little rose bush that is desperately trying to stay a'bloom. The next trick to learn was how to get the photos into the laptop, and then how do I re-size and crop one of them. Not so easy for me because I don't have any programs installed yet either.

BUT! I did figure out how to do this, I think. I will find out when I try to post the photo here. If it doesn't look so good, I will erase it, and make my apoligies for no photo today. First thought, I shall give it a try.

My goodness, there is quite a learning process here, just to post a photo. NEWS FLASH!! NEWS FLASH!!
This morning I finished typing my whole blog post, and just as I was clicking on "Post to Blog" the internet shut off. Half the post was not able to be saved and nothing got posted. I have just got in from work, and I'm too tired to think straight so I won't retype the missing parts to this posting. I will just wish Y'all wonderful evening and I'll be back tomorrow.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Congrats on your new laptop!Hmm, your old laptop died completely? No possibility to upload some things on an extra harddisk or even usb stick to put the easy way things on your new one??? I suppose I am thinking too simple. It sounds as if I know lots about it, but I don;'t! LOL. Strange there is no manual included. Could there be one to get on internet perhaps? But... at least you can stay "in contact"with the world also at work. They always say al things computer are so easy, just plug in some things, just put on a program that, give some "simple"commands and all will work fine! HA! It seems it works for others but not for me, ROFL. But happy for you you at least have the laptop! I suppose Snowy and Erik are happy too????????? Now you have a lovely weekend, spooky and all, grin grin! Hugs Kyra