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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Glorious Day Today

June 27, 2009

Outside my windows is a glorious day. I must get out there for a bit, even if only to walk around the yard and take in the fresh air. I have a gorgeous Japanese Maple tree that has been displaying the most beautiful colors. There are all shades of red, orange, yellow, green, brown and gold. Just a great big beautiful paint box. This Fall, it will be a fantastic deep, yet bright, crimson. Uncle Moo squawks about the red leaves all over his van, but even he enjoys the beauty of this tree.

Boy, last night after I finished writing here and had my supper, I took Miss Tootsie and went to bed. Conked out shortly thereafter and slept for a few hours. We woke up later to get our meds and do our nightly ablations (another $20 word for you, Snowy), then went right back to bed. Today I feel much better, so I guess the sleep was needed.

One of the dwarfs filled up the bird feeder so now there is a whole flock of visitors just outside my window. I could watch the birds all day. I know men don't like to admit it, but the guys here are also enjoying watching the birds.

As for my topsy turvy tomato plants, I have to say I am a dismal failure. They don't seem to grow very much. There a are three tomatoes on one plant, and neither plant is in any hurry to grow downwards. I wonder where the one on the TV advertisement was hung? Theirs grew several feet long and had bunches of huge tomatoes on it. So much for the gardener in me.

I'm off now to start the sauce for supper, and feed my little girl her lunch. Got lots to do before I leave for work. I'll leave you with a photo I took of my beautiful tree, and one of our visitors. Y'all have a fantastic day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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