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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Up And Out Early

July 20, 2017

Good morning.  Well Pogo and I got up early and took Janice to work.  We couldn't go to JoAnn's Fabric store because they were not open yet, so we went to Ocean State Job Lot instead and bought bird seed.  We even got an extra bag for Deanne's birds. 

Pogo found a few cute things to put away for Christmas for his little friends, and I bought a few things for the house.  All in all it was a good shopping trip.  We got home just in time before the heat became too oppressive. 

While we were at the store, I watched a guy get out of his car and go into the store to shop, leaving his dog in the car.  This makes me nervous so I stayed outside the store and kept watch to make sure the dog was alright and to see if the guy would come right back.  He did not.  I finally asked a person going into the store to ask the clerk or manager to call the police before it was too late for the dog.  It had already been fifteen minutes. 

Finally a clerk came out to get the license plate number of the car, and he went in and paged the customer.  After a total of twenty two minutes, the guy came out and got into his car.  It was hot and he had to open all the windows.  I wonder what made this jerk think that his dog was comfortable all that time in a very hot car!!!!!  Next time, I just might call the police myself.  This is just not right!

Yesterday, several packages arrived containing some craft items that I had ordered, including a couple of stand up dolls.  This is good because now I can try the dress on the doll to see what adjustments I need to make.  Hopefully, not too many. 

I'll tell you one thing.  The ruffles on  the underslip take forever to do.  I spent  an hour on the first ruffle and did not make it all the way around the row.  Time to put this down and give my eyes a rest.  Here's a photo of the slip ruffles that I'm working on.  The ruffle stitches are trebles.

A week or so ago, Joe came home from work all excited about something he had made there.  A co-worker had showed him how to make the game "Yardzee."  It's the same as "Yahtzee" but the dice are made of wood and are bigger so that you can play it in the yard.  I mentioned that Deanne loved playing "Yahtzee" so yesterday he came home with another set that he made for her.  She's going to love these.  Joe, thank you so much.

Today, Janice gave me a bowl of stuffed shells that she and Jazzy made last night.  Seeing as how I did not have breakfast this morning, I ate these shells for brunch.  Oh my, delicious!!  I have to say I love being spoiled this way.

After work this afternoon, Deanne will be picking me up and we are going shopping (or just browsing) at the gun shop.  Hopefully we'll find something we like and can start back to practicing at the range again soon.  I'll have to look into the gun cleaning class.  We really should know how to take care of our weapons. 

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Garla Reed said...


Joe did a fabulous job on the wooden dice. How fun... and I can agree that the under slip for the dress is a bit tedious and slow. I put in a row and a half on the afghan that I am making for Karyn. It is really going slow. My hands cramp up so fast now. It is good exercise for them so I keep plugging along!

Oh yummy for the shells. I would love that. I had Jonathan pick up some shredded BBQ beef with sauce yesterday for our dinner last night in the frozen section. It was so good. You can't get this brand anywhere but Texas but it is better than some of the BBQ places I have been to. So that is what we had for dinner. I opened a can of pork and beans and Jon bought some thin chips that I could eat so I had a small handful of that.

Cisco had his kibble and a banana for breakfast. Now that his tummy is full he is sound asleep. Bad night for us as our A/C kept turning to heat. At 5:00 this morning it was 85 degrees in here. We finally got it programmed and it stayed on but I will have to call the office to have someone come out. I really dislike the digital thermostats. I know how to work them, it is just that it keeps cycling back to heat.
No one got a bit of sleep last night and I am too afraid to lay down in case I go to sleep and miss my ride to the doctor and my appointments.

I am taking my shower soon so I will have that out of the way so I will talk to you soon... Hugs, Beth and Cisco...