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Monday, July 17, 2017

An Early Start To Our Day

July 17, 2017

Good morning (for fifteen more minutes).  Pogo and I have had a very busy morning, and now we are in for the rest of the day.  It's good we had to go out early because it is becoming quite warm now. 

This morning, we picked up Janice and took her to work.  Lucky for us, there is a Dollar Store and a Michael's Craft Store right next to the store (Five Below Store) where Janice works.  Naturally, Pogo and I had to check out each of these stores in case they had something that we needed. 

I managed to pick up just one word find puzzle book.  Sad to say, there was only one of these or I'd have bought more.  I also found a couple plastic storage covered bowls that I've been needing.  At the book counter of one of these stores, I found four perfect gifts to be put away for Christmas. 

The only thing I could not get today was some doll making supplies that I need.  We have to go out early again on Thursday morning, so I think we'll check out JoAnn's Fabric Store to see if they have any of these supplies.  If not, I'll have to resort to the internet.

I've been working on a couple of dolls, and was hoping to find a couple things that I need.  I used to make these dolls many years ago, but it seems that folks aren't making many of them anymore.  I don't understand why.  They are really beautiful.

Today, I have a wonderful photo that Deanne sent to me.  It's part of a photo of her and Kevin at a friend's party.  The only time they are the same height is when Kevin is sitting.  haha.  Thanks, Deanne, this is a super photo.

I took another photo of my Donald Chia plant, but it seems it's having a problem growing anything on top of his head.  I'll wait a few more days, and then maybe I'll scrape off the old seeds and plant some new ones. 

Great granddaughter Alena is away visiting her other grandmother and great grandmother, so Mom (Andi) and Audrey (grandma) have been busy re-doing Alena's bedroom.  Alena picked out the colors, purple and green.  By now, the walls and trim have been painted, and yesterday Andi painted a "Hoo tree" on the wall.  Alena loves and collects owls (she calls them hoo's).  Here's a photo of the wall after Andi finished the tree.  Isn't this neat?  Great job, Andi.

Next, Audrey will be putting a brand new twin size bed in the room to replace the toddler bed.  Then they will make some Hoo curtains for the window.  Alena is going to love her new room when she gets back from her vacation. 

Now it's time to rustle up a bit of lunch for Pogo and me.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.

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