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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Mini Heat Wave Is Upon Us

July 19, 2017

Good morning.  Goodness, I had me a burst of energy this morning and I put it to good use.  By 9 a.m., I had finished my coffee, fed Pogo, got dressed, went shopping, came home and put everything away. 

I had hoped to find a skein of yarn that I need and maybe some matching ribbon but Walmart just doesn't re-stock things when they run out.  The craft department is deplorable and sadly lacking in merchandise.  Needless to says, I did not get my yarn and ribbon, so I settled for picking up a few groceries that I needed. 

Today's temps will be in the 90's and stay there for a while.  I think we might start getting a bit of relief from the heat by Saturday or Sunday.  No problem, Pogo and I are quite comfy.  We have the A/C and a ceiling fan to keep us cool.

Speaking of Pogo, here's a photo I just took of my handsome little guy chillin' out.  He's on the sofa next to me, just waiting for me to finish what I'm doing so that I can play with him.

Last night I discovered that the yarn I was going to be adding next to the doll dress was a bit too thick to use.  I like Red Heart yarns, but some of their colors are not the same thickness as the rest of the colors.  I don't know why this is, and it becomes quite annoying when you are trying to finish a project. 

I couldn't go any further on the dress, so I started the under slip.  I may as well make the under slip for the other doll too while I have the white yarn out.  Tomorrow Pogo and I have to go out early to take Janice to work so maybe we can swing by JoAnn's (if they are open) to see if they have the yarn and ribbon that I need.  If not, there's always the internet.

I dug into my archives to find this quick page for you.  It's from four years ago, and I used Kyra's kit "From Heaven."

Here is your download link:

Joe has been keeping me updated with photos of the baby swans at our park.  They are getting so big now.

Now I think I'll relax and do a bit of crocheting for a while.  When I get my next burst of energy, I'll see about attacking my "clean out" project.  Hmmm, I'll have to think about that! 

So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

I love it that Pogo is chilling out and just napping while you finish your tasks. He is so adorable. I just love the pictures you take of him when you get the chance.
I love the QP thank you. The kit you used from Kyra must have been before I discovered her! It is beautiful.

Our Walmart has gone to pot too. They are always out of everything and they don't even carry traditional scrapping supplies anymore, or scrap books or anything. I will go to Hobby Lobby and see what I can find.
Oh and if you hear that Hobby Lobby is closing it's doors it is a Hoax. Just another way of starting a false rumor. How ever they were fined 3 million dollars for some ancient artifacts that were mislabeled. Not sure of the whole story there but if ancient artifacts were sold then some people must have a treasure on their hands and not know it.

Karyn is on her way for lunch so I will close for now. Give my boy lots of love and kisses. Big hugs and a kiss on the cheek for you my dear friend... Love Beth, Cisco and Chicki.

Anne's Phamilyblog said...

Hi Edna, I loved catching up with you! we have a heat wave too. My son Jeremy is working in Dallas this week! He said stop complaining, you should be here with the extra wet humidity! LOL~
I lost my blog. It is there and I can go there and comment but I can not add posts etc. So sad.
Trying to set up a new blog called "My Tata's Cottage and if I ever get all the photos together my friend Cat will put up the header and the button. Blogger and Google just do not like me! I am so clueless with technology. U G H !
Pogo is so handsome chilling in the cool house. I make Leo come inside too. He loves laying in the sun but this heat is not fit for man nor beast!
I had a productive day today. Had a chiropractor appointment, washed bedding, made the bed, finished cleaning the upstairs fridge and paid a bill . I need to organize my paperwork better. People do not like paperwork but when you need something, there it is. I will never trust technology completely.
Had to say hi. I may try to post later but it stinks because I tried to add a photo on my blog and it looks awful. ;-(
I hope you have a lovely evening.

Anonymous said...

Remember you can do anything for 15 minutes. That's the way to cleanout the "mess rooms" just keep chipping away. suzanne