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Thursday, May 18, 2017

We're Having A Mini Heatwave

May 18, 2017

Good morning.  Wow, be careful what you wish for!  I wanted some warmer temps, but this is a bit too much.  Yesterday the temperature reached 93F degrees here and it felt like almost one hundred degrees.  Too hot for me.  Today will be a bit warmer.  Ooooweee! 

Well, I had plans of spending most of the day yesterday and today out on the porch, but not now.  All is not lost though.  Pogo and I can always sit out there tonight after supper when the temps start cooling down.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler (in the 80's) and then even a bit cooler (70's) for several days after that.

When Pogo and I were out in the yard yesterday (only for a few moments - potty call), I noticed that the columbine plant was blooming.  On this side of the yard, there are only a few blooms in the gardens.  A few tulips, some lily of the valley and this little columbine plant.  I'll have to check the bigger garden on the other side of the house to see if anything is blooming out there.  Here's a photo of the columbine plant.

DIL Janet came by last night and we ordered Pizza for supper.  This time we ordered the spinach pizzas to try, and oh boy were they delicious!  Janet brought me a Car Cane and a pair of Copper Hands gloves.  The gloves really do make your hands feel more comfortable, and I'm hoping to try the Car Cane this weekend.  Gosh, it's fun to be spoiled!!

Today is probably going to be another lazy day for Pogo and me.  We have the ceiling fan on, and the window on the storm door will stay closed until tonight when it gets a bit cooler.  After I wash the dishes, maybe I'll crochet a while on the scarf and hat sets.  Maybe I'll even spend some time playing on my laptop.  Hmmmmm.

Here's a selfie that Pogo and I took yesterday.  He's watching a fly from the safety of Mommy's lap.  I have a fly swatter, so that pesky fly won't bother him here!

Well, that's my news for today. So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Edna I just love your selfie of you and Pogo... Gorgeous photo and so glad to see you wearing the duster. It is very pretty for a pretty lady. Nasty fly. I hope he gets a good swatting!
Cisco lapped up his dinner last night and this morning. Rice and chicken I made for him. After much research we are going with the Blue Wilderness as it is rated the best. And I will continue to make him chicken and some fish. He needs protein to help with his arthritis.

Oh your columbine is simply gorgeous. Your so lucky to have such an awesome place to have gardens and a nice front porch. I am sorry that it is so hot for you to sit outside right now. You will soon have some nice temps coming your way. I cannot say the same for me.

Jonathan was pulling into 7-11 last night and a lady hit him. He is ok but instead of getting a police report he exchanged information. He did get the make, model and license plate but it looks like the insurance info is fake. Lesson Learned. I told him to always get a police report even for just a fender bender. Of course he had to learn the hard way.

Talk to you soon. I am calling once again on my fridge. I was NOT Nice yesterday and still no one has come. Give Pogo love for me... Hugs to you my friend. Love Beth and Cisco

Angelicastar said...

The heat wave is what we go through and hardly cool down year round. The nights and mornings here have been cooler. I have a suntan for just being outside in the heat gardening. Hands are not good today but had to stop to let you know you and Pogo look so cute and he is so comfy with his mommy. Love you two. I might need to buy the gloves and cane. Sometimes I can hardly get out of the car. Have a blessed day.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey you two, sounds like your having some of our weather! We hit 94 yesterday with miserably high humidity, but....once again, all we got was the high winds, a little thunder, few flashes of lightning and NO RAIN...but today and tomorrow we are to have better chances for some. I had to go out and water my plants and put out fresh for the birds...I put that out each morning and the cats get fresh each morning and evening and sometimes in between if it is really hot...they also get ice cubes in the water if needed too! (Not spoiled are they?)
I use my copper gloves all the time, love them, even have a pair of the socks, but I don't really need them, but the gloves help. I also have a little pad that is filled with magnets that I sleep on when arthur comes calling...LMBO! But the things we do when we get older...helps (even if we only think it does, right?)! Tomorrow I will turn 70..sure don't think like it, but sometimes I sure do feel like it! Just thankful when I am allowed to wake up each morning to enjoy another day!
Thanks for the awesome recipe cards...surely do enjoy your e-mails each day...hoping you and Pogo are able to assert a little more independence each and every day! Off to do a bit of "visiting" while I more later, have a fantastic weekend! Hugs, Mat

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Grrrr...I sat here and wrote a nice long post only to have it disappear...BLOGGER sucks sometimes....anyhow...let's see if this old brain can remember!
Hello you two! Nice that you are both improving on your independence each day! Sure do enjoy your daily e-mails too and sorry I don't stop by more often! I thank you for the lovely recipe cards as well.
Seems you are experiencing some of our TX weather...we hit 94 yesterday with miserably high humidity, only got wind and some claps of thunder, but today and tomorrow we are promised more chances of actual RAIN that we desperately need. Seems to go all around us lately!
I have a pair of those gloves and I wear them daily, they do help some, but then maybe us "older" folk just think they help and like to spend money!!! I laugh every time I hear that what if I only "think" something helps...I'm the one that paid for them and they do help! I turn 70 tomorrow and am about tired of this younger generation telling me I don't know what I am talking about! Like THEY do!! LMBO!!
Off to do a bit more "visiting" while I have the steam, chat more next time! You and Pogo have a fantastic weekend! Hugs, Mat