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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our Parking Lot Is Full Now

May 24, 2017

Good morning.  For another twenty minutes at least.  Not sure why, but I slept late this morning.  It must have been all that exercise and fresh air yesterday. 

Yesterday, Pogo and I and dwarf Mike went out to do errands.  We went to the bank and then on to the hardware store.  I got everything I needed except - yup, you guessed it! - a set of garden hand tools.  I totally forgot!  Then we went to buy me a new battery for my car.  And have it installed, of course. 

May be after lunch today, or tomorrow, we can go out again.  There's an Ocean State Job Lot near here and I'd love to poke around there for a while.  I'll look for the garden tools there.  I'll probably pick up more bird food there too.

Today is mostly cloudy with temps in the mid 60's.  According to the weather forecast, we have a couple days of rain coming our way.  I guess Spring was just not meant to be for me this year.  Maybe next year. 

Yesterday, while we were at the hardware store, I bought the wood sealer for the porch, along with a package of brushes.  I think I'll try to coat the wood on the porch, little by little.  If this proves to be too much, I'll get someone else to do it.  But first, I'll give it a try.

About the only other bit of news here is that dwarf Helen finally got herself a new car.  Now all our parking spots are full.  We have room for one more dwarf in the house, but hopefully when we get one, he or she will not have a car. 

Today I have another set of recipe pages for you.  There will be one more set after this to finish the whole set.

And here is your download link:

Now it's time for me to find some fun mischief to keep Pogo and me busy today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Snowy said...

I think I need a "sleep in late day" as well, but I've been up around 6 am each morning since we came back. I'm renovating my kitchen and currently covered in paint.My garden is doing well. We had some rain while I was away so nothing has dried out. I will take some pictures next time.
Not sure whether you are on Facebook these days, but if you are you're welcome to add me.I'm there a bit more often than on blogger.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna,
I will keep this short as I am trying to cook and catch up on my blog reading at the same time. I read where you might try and do some of the sealer and I am asking you not to try it yourself and see if someone else can do it for you.
With your breathing I fear that the fumes will be way too much for you and sealer is usually pretty strong. I hope that someone else can do it for you. Of course things could have changed in the last few years too and sealer not as strong, but for me it was really hard to breath with it. Like the smell of varnish.

Ok that is my safety lesson for today. Nathan has had a bad tooth ache all night and today. I am not sure if we can afford to have him get it pulled right now or not. I called around and it seems that the going rate including x-rays and office visit is $300.00 or more. He will just have to see what he can afford when he gets paid on Friday.

Cisco is looking for his dinner so I will close for now... Hugs, Beth

smiekeltje said...

I was worng about the stuff you needed, I said wood filler, but it was wood sealer. Quite something different LOL.
Of couse you could try to do it sealing yourself, but perhaps it will be still to heavy work for you.
Well, great, you went out for bills and woodsealer, you got that, but you also wanted the garden tools and whoops, you forgort about them, hahahaha.
Never mind, there will be another opportunity to get them.
Have a great day, take care.