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Monday, May 8, 2017

My Kids Have A Great Sense Of Humor!

May 8, 2018

Good morning.  The sun is shining brightly and there is a breeze, but it is only 50F degrees.  Except for one day, I think this whole week will only have daytime temps in the low to mid 50's.  A couple nights will see temps in the 30's.  Brrr!!

Yesterday, I did type a post here and I thought it was posted, but it was set aside as a draft.  This morning I made sure that it was finally posted.  I realize that it will look like there are two Monday posts, but one is really from yesterday.

I thought I was getting back into a design mode, but sad to say I haven't been very creative at all lately.  I will try harder this week to make a new quick page or two.  No promises, just that I will try.  It seems my biggest accomplishments lately are just making sure that the bills get paid on time.  And, every couple of days, I go out and start my car and let it run for a little bit. 

Today, I have a fun photo to share.  Deanne sent this to me yesterday.  It's a photo of her and Eddie at the Kentucky Derby party this weekend.  It gave me such a wonderful giggle. hahaha.  (If you have read yesterday's post, you will see the humor.)

Today, I will try to pot another plant.  I really need to get them all into pots soon so that they can start to grow.  I think I'll need a couple more bags of potting soil though.  Perhaps I'll see if one of the dwarfs wants to go shopping with me (one day this week), and I can try driving myself to the store.  Hmm, we'll see.

First though, I have a few dishes in the kitchen sink waiting to be washed.  So that will be my first project for this morning.  Then maybe I'll make a bowl of Jello.  I can have this tonight with whipped cream for dessert.  Mmmmmm!!

Enough of my dribble.  Now I'm off to start on those dishes.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

I am so glad you're ok. I did stop by yesterday (Sunday)and you weren't here and I thought to myself, hmmm she must not be feeling good again. I do read although my hands don't allow me to type all the time. I was going to mention to you about cooking enough for other meals. We're not lazy, just not feeling good these days. (lol) I cook dark meat chicken without the skin and fat in my crock pot, take out all the bones, grind the cooked meat in my food processor and make chicken meat balls. I freeze them for the entire week or more (for 3 fur babies) or as long as they last. I cook the rice (minute)and let it cool in the refrigerator and pour it in a larger freezer bag, lay it flat and take out as much as I need when feeding time. I will put the chicken stock in ice trays and freeze it for the stock to put over the pedigree. I mix all 3 so their bowels won't be too hard or too soft. It doesn't take long in the microwave at feeding time. Take it slow and rest yourself. Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna and Pogo,
I loved the Derby pics... How creative and so darn cute!! I loved the Alternate Deanne. Oh gosh I think that I spelled her name wrong. Sorry about that. And the date pic of Eddie is fab too and oh my how Elena has grown. No Derby for me yesterday. I spent most of the day in my room lying down. I didn't feel well. I think that I have just been so busy I am tired.

I am so very happy that Pogo was so excited about his hamburger. I love it when our baby boy eats! Speaking of which, I have some marinated pork boneless strips in the crock pot for dinner tonight. It will be late tonight as I got a late start. I have been out with Karyn today. Most of the day actually and I am about to drop so I think that it is time for a rest and then I plan on updating my blog. I took some pictures today so I want to see if they turned out well.

Hugs to you and Pogo... Love, Beth and Cisco xoxoxoxo

smiekeltje said...

Eddie looks great on that photo.
It would be nice if one of the dwarfs could go with you to get you some potting soil.
And even better if you could drive yourself. But only do it, if you really feel up to it!
Weather he has changed for much better, starting already yesterday, but today it is much nicer.
Really kind of temperature we want this time of year. Hope it will last long!
Take care dear,