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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mothers Day

May 14, 2017

Good afternoon.  Well, I tried to sleep late, but so far I haven't had much luck with it so I thought I'd just get up and post here.  Today is cool and wet.  It rained all night and it hasn't stopped yet.  There's also quite a nice breeze, strong enough to blow the tree branches about. 

Today is Mothers Day, and Pogo and I want to wish Moms (and fur moms) everywhere a beautiful day filled with love and happiness.  Happy Mothers Day Y'all!

I did not drive to the store yesterday because it was cloudy and damp outside.  Joe said that today was going to be a nice day so we decided to go today.  Aha!  Well, I'm not taking any chances.  I'll wait for a nicer day to try my luck at driving that far. 

Pogo and I did drive to Wendy's last evening and bought some goodies for our supper.  Then we drove straight home and enjoyed our dee-lish-ush! meal.  It felt really good to be able to do this, even though Wendy's is just down the street a little ways.  It's a beginning!

Later in the evening, Pogo took a nap while I watched TV and did a few Find A Word puzzles.  Unfortunately, a fly came along and spoofed poor Pogo.  He hates flies!!  He came running to me and I held him for a while.  Then he went back to his little sofa, scrunched up his blankies, crawled under one and went back to sleep.

Are you like me?  I love watching Pogo sleep, so I can't help taking lots and lots of photos of him.  Seeing him feeling so safe that he can fall into a deep sleep makes my eyes and my heart ever so happy.  And I absolutely love the sounds he makes when he is snoring.  It's comfort food for my soul.

I finally have a photo of the Jade scarf and hat set that I finished a couple days ago.  The color is actually a little deeper than is showing here. 

Today I think I'll grab another skein of yarn out of my stash and start another set.  The little blanket that I'm working on is a granny square and I tend to lose interest after one or two rows.  Working on the scarf set helps to keep my interest up and keeps my hands busy.

I spent all of Friday afternoon repackaging the recipe pages that I made a while ago.  There are forty eight pages so I've put them into folders of eight each.  I made previews for each of the folders and uploaded them.  The pages are 12x12.  I resized mine to 8x8 when I had them printed to give as a gift.  Then I put them into a scrap album.  I hope you can make use of them.

Today I have the first folder, and I'll be posting another one in two or three days.

Here is your download link:

I got a package daughter Audrey.  In it was two jars of homemade orange marmalade (yum, yum!!}and a new rain tube to put in my garden.  I've been meaning to get one of these for quite a while.  Thank you Audrey.  I love it!!  When the rain stops I'll set it out in the garden and take a photo.

Now I think I'll wash my breakfast dishes.  Daughter Deanne is on her way here.  Pogo must have been reading my text messages because he's sitting by the storm door watching for Auntie's car to pull in.  He is soooooo smart!

On that happy note, I'll take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have an awesome day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

"HAPPY MOTHERS DAY". awwwwwwww Pogo look so cute sleeping under his blankets. He is very comfortable. I have as many of Pogo photo as you probably do. I has a pogo folder along with my 3 fur babies. It is very pleasing to watch them sleep and be comfy while doing it. Mine has 2 sofas and 2 cots. I keep them fully comfy with Sherpa pads for the cots and soft and cuddly blankets. My neighbors and family call them pampered pets, in which they are. I like to look at them play and wrestle with each other. Just the other day Milo (my boy) got between the girls and lying on their backs with his head looking back at them. They took it all in with stride. (lol) He keep them busy. I love them so much. One of the sofas are big enough for all 3 but the girls took over because they like to stretch out and sleep. I had to buy Milo a snuggle sofa because when he sleep, he snuggle in a ball. Oh well, the girls tried to take over that one too but both couldn't fit. It was so funny because they were both there and hanging off the sofa but still trying to hang on. I've notice they have learned how to snuggle and are doing great hanging on now. They have learned that only one at a time can fit this sofa. (lol) Keep my boy (Pogo) happy because I talk about him like he's mine. Have a great Mothers day and take driving one 1/2 mile at a time until you get more comfortable.

Annesphamily said...

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! The newspaper delivery sometimes is quite annoying! Very frustrating! Pogo has the life of a tiny celebrity. he is so cute and the fly story made me smile. He is such a lil fellow.
We are getting rain and I forgot to take my flag down. I hope it just gets a good bath and not torn in anyway. No hail so that is a good sign.
My son Jeremy says he heard 8 inches of snow. I said it before, NOOOOOOOOOO! Go away winter, come back next year please.
Always a joy to visit here. take care of yourself and mr. Pogo too. HUGS

Unknown said...

I adore watching Pogo sleep. He is such a precious little thing. I am worried about Cisco. I told you that he fell when he was a baby and his arthritis is acting up. Nathan puts him in bed with me at night, other than that he is laying either at my feet or on Nathans bed since it is lower. He wants off my bed more than he wants on unless he is ready to sleep at night. I went online today to research pain meds and I was concerned when I read that aspirin in any form, even baby aspirin is dangerous so I called the vet because at one time he said it would be safe. Well his vet is no longer there. Gee thanks for letting me know! Anyway this new vet said no way to give him any over the counter aspirin and Tylenol can kill him in a matter of minutes. So I asked what they recommended and they said change his diet. So I am going to buy some dark meat chicken and white rice and boil it and make him his own.
The knot on top of his head is getting bigger and so they looked up his records and said that unless he is showing any neurological signs not to worry about it. It is common with his breed and could present more danger trying to remove it than leaving it.

Your hat and scarf are just lovely and what a nice treat you had from Audrey. Don't you just love surprises in the mail?
Thank you for the recipe pages. I am going to download them and catch up on the rest of your blog posts I have missed. Hugs to you both... Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

Happy belated Mothersday!
Oh, you sound much more yourself now, and I hope the mend will go quick to reach the full 100% again!
What a nice surprise from Audrey, and yummie, yes, orange marmelade!
It was a rather quiet day Sunday here, not particular good weather.
But I did quiet down a bit LOL.
love to see Pogo sleeping so sound and safe.
On to next post, so see upi there