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Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Little Brain Nourishment

May 4, 2017

Good morning.  Well, I thought I was going to be able to sleep in late this morning, but Pogo had other ideas.  He started running to the door and barking ferociously and would not stop.  Finally I got up and looked out to see that the fellow was here spraying the yard for ticks and mosquitos. 

Gosh, this morning I have a wicked chill.  I just can't seem to get warm.  Please, oh please, don't let this be the beginning of a cold or some other bug.  Gosh, I haven't even shut off the heat yet because a lot of nights are just not warm enough without it. 

This morning, I've been looking through one of my books, "America's Forgotten History" by Reader's Digest.  This is really a most interesting book.  Did you know that a gentleman named Edward Payton Weston earned the title of the world's best long distance walker?  At the age of 69, he walked from New York to San Francisco and then back again, a round trip accomplished in a record 181 days. 

Did you know that Bingo was once called "housey housey" or that when the Hula Hoop came on the market in 1958 it sold an estimated 80 million to 100 million in only four months?  Or how about the fact that the colonists made their clothes to be durable and comfortable, not fashionable.  And, they did not wear underwear!!

My goodness, this book is just packed full with a wealth of interesting facts and history.  I just checked, and you can find copies of this book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Second hand copies can be bought for as little as $1.99. 

Today, I thought I would share a photo of Pogo's little friend Cisco.  Cisco lives in Texas, and this is a photo of him with two of his toys.  Isn't he just a cutie??  (photo taken by his mom, Beth)

Say, want to have some fun?  Do you know someone who has a pet and could use a little help?  Or maybe an elderly person who has a pet?  Why not pick up a toy and some pet food and deliver it to that person.  Or maybe drop some off at a pet shelter.  They will be ever so happy and appreciative, and you will feel extra good about yourself.  I read somewhere that some of the "meals on wheels" volunteers are also bringing some pet food along with the person's meal.  This is AWESOME!!!

Well, now that I've nourished your brain, I think I shall take my leave.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Cisco is so delighted that you shared him in your blog and his mama is happy too. I have forgotten that picture but it isn't that long ago. Brain fizzles out sometimes.

I have had no sleep. Last night as I was ready for bed I decided to try and complete a level that I am doing in a game that Jonathan and I are playing. I heard someone at my window. Now Cisco was so deep in sleep he never once barked. In fact only by my turning the light on did he come awake but I was long gone, banging on Jon's door as he is just across the hall from me. All I got was HUH.. Ran to Nathan and yelled at him, no response, Ran back to Jon's room and said get up... Back to Nathan, phone in hand to call 911 as they jumped up and ran to my room. My screen was off and what I had heard was someone trying to raise the window.
They guess that when I flipped on the light it scared the intruder away. So scary and sleepless night for me. I just keep thinking if I hadn't decided to play that game and go to sleep that they may have gotten in!

Oh I really would enjoy that Readers Digest book immensely. I think that once I am awake I will go online and order it. Thanks for sharing such fun facts.

I have some towels, a set of 3 tennis balls, Bath soap and conditioner and only need to go to the dollar store for a few toys then we will call our shelter called Alive and they will come and pick it up for me. Also some sheets that do not fit our bed, I had a lot of pillow cases not in use so I bought a bag of polyfill and stuffed them and sewed the tops together with a my son in law's help who sews. They make soft beds for the little pups. Things add up for our fur babies. I was going to give one to Cisco but he showed no interest. He has his favorite pillows.

Gotta run. I am very sleepy so perhaps I can sleep. Jonathan is sick and has to go to the doctor before he can go back to work.

Edna I sure hope that your not catching anything. That outing may have been wonderful at the time but germs lurk everywhere in places where people gather. Please make an appointment if your not better because the weekend is sneaking up and if you do have something, now is the time to get medication especially after that bout of Pneumonia. Ok The MOM in me will shut up now... Love you to bits and so does Cisco and thank you again for sharing his photo today. Love, Beth and Cisco

smiekeltje said...

Just pack yourself in warm and at some point you will get warm again.
I have sometimes those days too, just cannot get warm, no matter if the heat is on high or not. Best for me is to pack myself in my fleece lounge wear, plus a fleece blanket warpped around me,and drink hot tea or coffee. Then after a while I get warmer and feel better.
I wonder if you received a last email of me a few days ago with a layout attached to it? Hope it arrived well. If not, just mail me and I will send it again okay?
Well, Jan is about to leave for his volunteer work again, I hope his back will hold on. I will have his lounge wear ready for him when he comes home, all warmed up on the central heating radiator. Then he first will take a nap, then eat something and I will have strawberries with cream for him as dessert. The first strawberries for us this year, yummie!
Take care dear, stay warm

The Queen Jester said...

That sounds like an interesting book - I love this kind of trivia.