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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Where's The Justice In This World?

June 30, 2016

Good morning.  It's another warm, sunny day here in New England, but our hearts are heavy.  Someone we all love is hurting and there's nothing any of us can do to help.  Supposedly, the law provides help for those of us who need it.  But that's not always the case.

This young lady is a beautiful sweet teenager.  She's smart, funny, caring, keeps her grades up in school, and has a job.  She loves kids and animals and crafts.  Recently she taught herself how to crochet and is making a blanket.  She''s had some pretty rough things to overcome in her short life, and she has still managed to turn out to be a wonderful person. Her hope for the future is to go to college and study pediatric oncology.   This month, she got a Certificate of Achievement for Superior Achievement in Early Education and Child Care, completed her Heartsaver CPR program, and received an award for Civic Pride & Academic  Excellence in School.

The problem:  for some reason that none of us knows, her mom does not like her nor have any use for her.   For the past six months, her mom has done whatever she could to ruin this girl's life, even taking her to court and saying that she was an unruly child who needed to be put away in a program.  A lot of lies were told in court, and none were checked out.  If the court had checked any of them out, they would have found that the girl had done nothing wrong.  However, the court took the mother's side in whatever was said and sent the girl away. 

She has been back home lately for a short reprieve, but now her mom is having the court send her away again. The court will be having her moved within these next two weeks.  This young girl is devastated and is giving up.  She feels she has no reason to go on living.  We are all heartsick.   Not being family, we have no rights at all to speak up or try to help.  At one point, I hired her an attorney, but he did absolutely nothing for her. 

In my wildest dreams, I cannot fathom why any mother would work so hard to destroy her daughter's life.  I haven't met anyone who would not love to step in and help, but we have no legal rights to do this.  What kind of stupid legal system is this anyway?   We are doing our best to help this young girl keep her spirits up so that she can make it to her next birthday (towards the end of Winter, and she'll be eighteen.).  If she can make it that far, we can all step in then and help make her life better.

I'm sorry to start this post with something this heavy, but we are all hurting about it.  With all the crap you hear daily on the news, you would think that there was someone in the system who would try to help a child who was truly in need and trying to make something of herself.  Nope, I guess the only persons who get all the help are the criminals.  Go figure!!

 On a lighter note, here's more photos from my garden.  The lilies are starting to bloom now.  The blooms may not be lasting very long this year, but at least when one plant finishes blooming, another plant starts.

My little tomato plants are doing pretty good too so far.  They're not very tall yet, but there are three or four tomatoes already. 

This morning, SIL Eddie's friend is here to do some weeding in the gardens and to mow the lawns.  The yard will be looking spiffy for the Holiday this weekend.  The mailman just came and brought me a couple of packages.  Hmmm, I wonder what they could be.  I've left them on the counter until I've finished this post.   That said, it's time for me to get dressed and start my day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

I am so sorry to hear this latest news. It is heavy and full of hurt. This poor girl. I wonder if she can emancipate herself from her mother? It would be something to look into for her. She has a great support team from the outside with friends who would be able to help her. It wouldn't hurt to look into it and I just do not understand this mother at all. All of her acheivements should work for her and not against her.

Big hugs to you and Pogo. I am not feeling well, so another day I am resting. I do hope that I am better tomorrow because I am going out with my daughter and son to celebrate Jonathans birthday. We are all going to an OOOH LAAA LAAA extravagant place called The Oasis on Lake Travis for dinner and music. I sure want to go so I am going to do my best today to rest and get better... Much love, Beth and Cisco.

smiekeltje said...

What a hurtful story about that young girl. And she is doing everything to have a good life and a good job, is doing studies and all and why is the mother being so hard on her?
And it is very shaming that court or/and childhelp and such institutions don;t do more for her. I hope the girl will hold on and can be strong to survive and get to her 18th birthday, because then she will be at the least free from her mother.
so good to hear a community is helping her as much as possible, she will need that support now and later.

Your garden looks rewally sunny and bright with all those flowers and yes, it is nice to look out of a window and see all those flowers.
Weather here still isn't fantastic. Grey, rainy, temps too low, no not summer at all. But there is hope for next week to be better.
Let's survive the weekend and we shall see LOL.
Have a lovely weekend,

Debby said...

I was going to suggest what Garla suggested. Maybe if someone would offer her a place to live for a short time the court might free her from her mom.
What a shame for a sweet girl. I do believe there are mom's like this.
I know my own mother can't show love for more than one child and it's not me.
Praying for her.

Annesphamily said...

Oh my goodness, I am so angry at the crappy system our government calls justice! Ha! In a pigs eye. I would go to the news, sometime they can get a child advocate attorney to help. I will be praying. That mother sounds like a mental case. If you do not wish to raise and love your children don;t have them. Often it is that matter of government funds. Get a job, get a life, that poor child, my heart breaks for her. My friend Lorna has a kook for a kid! The girl now a boy, made her mom;s life a living hell. She took take of this person while they abused her mentally and ruined my friends credit. Someone hit Lorna's car while she was parked at the Denver Zoo. Totaled her car. But because she has to go into bankruptcy the car she thought she bought is going to be taken away even though she put all the money in the world down on it. I am ashamed of the marijuana free for all we have here. The worst governor ever in the history of people! Gives a murderer reprieve and basically spit in the face of the families of four murdered people who had everything to live for and one who was critically injured in the CHuckie Cheese Murder in 1993. This fat pig who killed these folks was a skinny teen and now looks like a heavyweight wrestler. My tax dollars hard at work to save the wicked and screw over the good! I am sick over the condition of our governemnt and this country. Yet nothing is done. I don't vote either party but I do beleive the government is behind all this violence with the Trump campaign. ALso someone pointed out to me in Baltimore those people protesting the death of the drug dealer are carrying printed signs. Street people don;t have money to do such nonsense. This world is going mad!