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Sunday, February 7, 2016

OOPS!!! Parking Woes In Wisconsin

February 7, 2016

Good morning.  We're starting out today sunny and cold.  Soon though, it will be cloudy and cold.  More snow will be moving in tonight, all day tomorrow through Tuesday.  Oh goodie!!  We had snow on Friday.  3-5 inches was forecast with the snow ending by 3 p.m.  Unfortunately this was not the case.  Here's a photo of how much snow we already had at 2 p.m, and the snow did not stop until after supper.

This is Joe, cutting a path to my door and around my car.  As you can see, there's more than five inches of snow here.  Photo taken at 2 p.m. Friday. 

I've been watching the news videos this morning of the parking fiasco in Wisconsin.  Parking for Winterfest was very scarce, so officials allowed visitors to park on frozen Lake Geneva.  Unfortunately, the weight of the cars was too much and the ice cracked.  At least wenty cars found themselves in water. 

Here are some photos that I got from Google.  Would I have parked my vehicle out on the ice?  Not if you paid me!!!  I figure that if God wanted us to park on frozen lakes, He would have turned the ice to concrete.

From what I could find, all but two vehicles were able to be pulled out of the water.  No people were lost.  Possibly by the time I post here, the last couple of vehicles may have been pulled from the lake.

Have you noticed that the TV news channels are getting a bit more aggressive about reporting the snow?   In the past, we've gotten a foot or more of the white stuff and not one of the regular programs was constantly being interrupted to give us updates on how much snow was falling.  Friday, WBZ kept interrupting the regular programs every 30 minutes to give us updates.  Imagine!!!  All this concern for 1 - 5 inches of snow!!  Are the TV ratings really sinking that low?

I suppose most folks will be busy watching the Super Bowl today.  I won't.  I'm not a football fan.  But I hope it's an enjoyable game for you and hopefully your team will win.  Good luck.  I'll most likely be watching the puppy bowl.  That's usually a lot of fun.

Well, that's my news for this morning.  It's time to see about some breakfast for my little guy.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...


Wow so much snow.... and can you believe the cars parked on the frozen lakes! Sending you an email... Hugs.. Oh and Cisco loves his bones so much that I had to hide them in my closet... now he goes to the closet to wait... lol. Cisco sends a woof and a lick and another thank you! Beth and Cisco

The Queen Jester said...

Yup....that's Wisconsin people for ya...we think nothing of driving out on the ice. I remember all the ice fishing houses and cars out on the lake near us. I never did like the idea - just skating on it was scary enough for me.

smiekeltje said...

Wow, you suddenly got a lot of snow. any chance it will stop soon again?
Oh my, I wouldn;t have parked on the lake either. You see how tricky it can be.
Are you feeling a bit better or is the bug still bugging you?
stay safe and warm