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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine'sDay & Happy Birthday Janicee

February  14, 2016

Good morning from frozen New England.   It is Minus 11 here, with high hopes of warming up to 11 degrees above zero sometime today.  Needless to say, it's cccold!!!  In my big old house, the distribution of heat isn't very fair when it is cold outside.  The colder it gets, the less heat makes it to my end of the house.  This morning, very little heat has been making it's way here to Pogo and me.

We spent the whole night snuggled up on my lounge chair beneath a pile of fuzzy blankets.  The only times we came out from under the blankets was for necessities, and then we hurried back to our pile of blankets.  Pogo got most of the blankets, but I at least had enough to keep my teeth from chattering. 

Here's a photo of my little guy all snuggled and warm on my lap.  He sure knows how to stay warm.  I was crocheting when I took this photo.  Soon, I put out the light and pulled another blanket up over both of us. 

Today is Valentine's Day, and this cold is a super reason to be cuddling with your loved one.   It's also Kevin's sweetheart's birthday.  Happy Birthday Janicee.  I'm wishing you a beautiful day.

The weather forecaster stills says that Tuesday is going to be a super warm day.  I hope so because that's the day that Pogo has his appointment at the salon.  However, there is another winter storm due to get here on Tuesday, so I'm not really sure what we'll end up with for temps or weather.

In two weeks though, Pogo and I will be in sunny Florida where, hopefully, it will be much warmer.  For today, the dishes can stay in the sink, and the dust bunnies can find corners to cuddle in.  I'm not straying very far from my chair and my pile of blankets.

My feet and arms are getting cold now, so it's time for me to head for the warmth of the lounge chair.  Before I go, here's another picture puzzle for you.  I borrowed this one from the web too.  I wonder how long it will take you to find the odd piece in the puzzle.

I'm off now.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay warm and have a fantabulous Valentines Day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Hi Edna,

I got this puzzle rather quickly. Yay for me but that other one with the kitty was very elusive for me.

My phone notifications was going off at 2:45 this morning so I was up until 5:30 and did a couple of challenge pages for one of the groups that I am in. Frosted Fairy. I really enjoyed the quiet time. Cisco was not impressed. The phone disturbed his little comfortable sleep. I am going to have to shut the notifications to the group off at night when I go to bed. I forget that my friends across the pond are up and about during my sleeping time here.

Happy Valentines Day to you and Pogo. I hope that Janice has a great birthday with lots of sweet moments! Jonathan brought home goodies from work yesterday. I asked if they would like for me to make them a Valentine Breakfast but the boys declined. Just as well. I prefer to just relax this morning.

My friend Lins is coming out with a new kit called Doggies Day Out so be on the look out for pages featuring Pogo and Cisco. Speaking of Cisco, I just took him out a bit ago and another lady had her little dog out there and Cisco was so mean! He just does not play well with others. He is such a stinker. So I had to take him to the other end of the building and across so that he could potty but he was so busy trying to see where the other doggie went, it was a fast trip. Right now he is back on the bed curling up into my robe. It is so funny to watch him do this as he twirls and rolls taking the robe with him.

It is a beautiful morning. It has been in the 80's here but this morning it is slightly cooler. We could use some rain but it has been hit and miss here. I am so sorry that you and Pogo are so cold. Have you thought of getting one of those little radiator heaters from Home Depot? I had one and it kept my whole 4 room apartment nice and warm. Too warm sometimes. Just make sure that if you do get one, not to get the one with the water. The oil heats much better. I liked mine because it was much safer than the space heaters which I am scared of.

Time for me to go and check out a few spots on the web and I am going over to update my blog if it will let me. I did a really large post yesterday and hit a button to correct a word and it all disappeared. That really aggravates me.

Oh and before I go, I have been looking in my camera menu settings and I am not seeing jpeg format. I have left it on it's original setting. I hope to find out more later on it. I will talk to Jonathan about it today.

Hugs, Beth and Cisco.

Corrine Corbin said...

Hi Edna, I've been reading your blog for over a year now and I don't know why I've never commented before. I found the odd piece in under a min. in that picture.

Our weather is teetering into spring but not fast enough. Still pretty chilly at night and often it rains evenings but a wise old gypsy told me it actually comes to the Hanford area right after the 15th of Feb. And lo and behold that's when we started to get more sunshine during the day and it's almost warm enough to go without a coat but you will still need a raincoat.

Have a great weekend and Hugs from GrandmaSarge. Read me here. but I haven't been up to really doing much. Will get on it later.