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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


June 17, 2015

Good morning.  I've been following the storms on the Weather Channel, and it isn't very pretty.  I have friends in some of those areas that have been flooded, and now they are getting more flooding.  I pray they are all safe, and that the rain stops soon. 

Seems to me that storms and bad weather used to be a "once in a while" thing.  Nowadays, this seems to be the everyday normal in our country.  Almost every day, lives are being lost, livestock is dying, homes are being demolished, and hope for tomorrow is in short supply.  The dollar cost for all of this devastation is in the billions. 

And what is our country's government doing to help?  Nothing.  Instead they continue to send billions of dollars all around the world.  Some of this money is supposedly a loan (that will most likely never be repaid) and the rest is just for free.  SOOOOOO, what is wrong with keeping some of that money and fixing our own country's problems???????

And why aren't we building water pipelines?  I've been spouting off about this idea for years now.  Is our government really all that stupid that they haven't figured out how to do this?  Instead of having so many floods, the water could have been piped to the drier areas to relieve droughts and wildfires.  Is it possible that I am the only dim witted person in this whole country to think that water pipelines could save lives and homes? 

Considering the fact that we are supposed to be building an energy conscious world, why is it okay to destroy our landscape and eco system by building more oil pipelines?   Why could we not build water pipelines instead?   They could be built in a way that does not hurt the land and the people and animals living there. 

Unfortunately, even if the government listened to me and agreed to this, they would need at least fifteen or twenty years to think about it and discuss it in groups before ever putting anything on paper to start it.  I find this mind boggling!!!!!   If my little brain could think it up years ago, one would think that all those little brains in government put together should be able to do me one better. 

Okay, enough band box chat!!  Today I have a few photos from the garden to share with you.   The first two are of my peonies, and the last photo shows the rhododendrons. 

As you can see in the photos, we need to put down some more grass seed.  The lawn on that side of the yard is looking a bit thin in spots.  However, the grass is at the bottom of the maintenance list.  At the top of the list is the plumbing.  The toilet is acting up, not flushing properly.  SIL Eddie will come by to see if he can fix it.  If not, I'll have to call in a plumbing contractor.  Oh the joys of home ownership!!!

Well, I think it's time for me to make some breakfast for my little guy Pogo.  He's been waiting patiently right here by my side.  After that, I have some blog reading to catch up on.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe, and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

Hi there friend. Are you feeling better. I sure hope so.
Don't worry about our country....The Donald will fix it. Because he is very rich. I don't care what political party he is, sorry, but what a joke.
Vacation was great. Expensive but so nice. Piper did better than we expected. They said he loved being with the other dogs. Good because his baby brother is in the house.

Angelicastar said...

It's a money situation. Delivering water is not going to bring in billions of dollars to the most fortunate. These days it's all about the billion of dollars one can pocket. Companies and our Government leaders.

Ms. Edna, take it from me. Renting or leasing is much worse than home ownership. I know I am going through things with the AC unit, but just like you, we are running into scammers for the big dollar. Now we know better on these dang prices. Oh well, the Ac company (John Moore) finally sent a tech out today and my gosh, he is telling me I probably need the coil replaced in the attic which is over 2000 dollars (two thousand dollars) and just to charge it the Freon would be 300 dollars (three hundred dollars) for the first 2 pounds and 100 dollars for each additional pound and my unit is holding 8 pounds. I spelled those dollars out to make sure I was typing the right amount of zeros. (laughing) I paid $49.00 for the trip charge and let him put his tools back in his truck and not waste his time. I assume he knew I wasn't as dumb as he thought I was, because he came back to the door and asked me if I would be calling them again for any type of service and my answer was no because your prices is outrageous. I was a homeowner longer than I rented and leased property and what he is talking about is replacing the entire system within a nine year period. AC units doesn't go completely out that fast and just because it need a Freon charge doesn't mean there's a leak in the coil, like he stated. I am just fed up with legalized robbers. Those are the companies that are licensed to rob those who give them that opportunity. (lol) I will eventually run across someone who can do the AC unit for a better price and honest about it also. I hope your SIL Eddie can fix your plumbing so you won't have to call those robbing companies out to do it. (lol)

Have a very blessed day. Hug Pogo for me.

Unknown said...

So I have been saying the same thing about water pipe lines. When I lived in Nevada our natural gas was piped in from Texas! Really? So yeah it could be done and yes we really do need to have some of that money that they send out all over the world for ourselves. Not happening.
Having an argument with 2 of my sisters who thinks that Donald Trump is the answer to America's prayers. I have kept my mouth shut on the forums but I did express my beliefs to my sisters for all the good that did.

Your toilet issues are almost like mine. It flushes but the water in the bowl comes all the way to the rim. I was told that it is because the pump stations are full here from all the flooding. Could be I suppose. It does seem better today. We didn't get hit really hard here with the flooding thankfully. But we are not out of the woods because what rain we did get will drain into the rivers and could cause flooding later on this week and next. It is just a waiting game.

I love the flowers. Very gorgeous. I can see why the grass issue is at the bottom of the priority list right now. Did they come and spray for you yesterday? I hope that they did and that it will help. I am sure that your plants and citronella will help a lot. I need to get some and put out. I also want to get about a dozen Venus Flytraps as well.
You would think that with all the bats that we have then they wouldn't be an issue here as we have lots of them in our trees.

Cisco is looking at me with big puppy dog eyes that says Feed Me Please, so I am off here to go and have a look see and find something for lunch for the both of us... Take care, Hugs, Beth and Cisco.

Ida said...

I've missed your posts for some reason. - If you would add a Follow By Email feature to your blog for updates that would be great and then I wouldn't miss your posts.

Nani said...

What Angelica said; an idea that will help us peons won't go anywhere with our government. They need to know what will it do ($) for the already wealthy before they'll think about it. We humble voters just need to keep trying to vote the wealthy out of office and make then "shut up an pay their taxes." (Sorry; your band box has a little room for the choir to sing "amen," yes?)

Pogo and his breakfast. :) You're "puppy-whipped" just like we're kitty-whipped here! Happy furkids!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

I can understand completely your displeasure(mildly said) about the government spending money on lots of rather useless things instead of , for example, getting waterpipelines through the country.
I do believe there are some "wise"guys in goevernments too, but they are the minority, and otherwise there are wicked people who can talk and act and argue with them till the "good"ones keep silent finally.
No, practically all is done for the rich to get richer and for the less fortunate to have more difficulties to try to make a decent living.
Everywhere it is the same, believe me!

I sometimes wish I just could be a pet like Pogo or our Brodski, well loved and cared for, with no big issues to think about, no bills to pay, etc.etc. LOL.

Now on to the next post, tadaaaaaaaa!