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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Oh Wow, My Dust Bunnies Are Huge!

June 3, 2015

Good afternoon.  Did you think maybe I slept in a bit late this morning?  Well, you're right!  I got up earlier to tend to Pogo and went right back to sleep.  It felt good!  Of course, it puts me behind on everything else, but that's okay.  I sure needed that sleep.

Well yesterday I had another doctor appointment.  More x-rays were taken, and the doctor said that there was no more pneumonia.  He put me on more prednisone for a few more days, and if I don't feel better, I'm to go back. 

However, after all that wonderful sleep, I actually feel sort of human again today.  At least for now.  So I'll go slow and only do a few things.  I don't want to lose that human feeling.  When I first got up, the sun was actually shining.  Now it is quite cloudy.  I may open the door for a while anyway.  Pogo keeps looking so longingly at the door, and I know he misses having it open. 

The dust bunnies are getting huge, and have run rampant here.  If I can keep this human feeling, I'll soon get after those bunnies one spot at a time.  During this whole time, I've only been keeping up with the dishes, the trash, some laundry and Pogo's patch.  Oh my gosh, I have so much to catch up on!

Today I have a couple more interesting ideas (that I borrowed from the web)  to share with you.   This first image shows how to install a regular coat rack low down on the wall to store shoes safely off the floor.  I think this is an awesome idea!  

This next image shows how to use a rubber band to rescue a stripped screw.   I happen to be very good at stripping screws, so this tip can be very useful.

Well, that's about all my news for today.  Now I need to go check on the mail.  Before I go, I want to thank each of you for your wonderful thoughts and caring.  It sure does keep a smile on my face and it helps with the healing.  I'm so blessed to have you all for friends.

Till tomorrow, Y'all be safe, and have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelica Star said...

Oh well, we need our rest when we are not feeling whole. I've been up early for 2 days and slept in late today. I was up on Monday to take my car to the shop and when I called the mechanic he told me to bring it in yesterday(Tuesday). I was there all day just to have a starter put on my vehicle. I know he had other cars ahead of me and I live in a neighboring town, so I didn't ask to be carried home. I just waited it out. When I finally left there, I went to have a muffler installed so it can run like an automobile instead of a diesel truck. (lol) I needed one months ago, but I couldn't get out of bed to do anything. Whenever I can go and do things, I plan to do as much needed as possible because I doesn't know when I can do it again. I've been sitting here at the computer paying my bills for June. I've completed all except the water bill. Every month when I go online to pay the water bill, my password doesn't work or their website isn't working. I dropped it in the mail last month. It's easier to pay all online than it is to go stand in line at the post office just to mail one letter. They have cut back on all the resources there until it is impossible not to stand in a line to do anything there anymore. There's no stamp machines in any of the post offices in Houston, nor Humble where I live. I try not to use the postal service as much as I possible can because your mail might not get to the destination. Got my rant over with. (lol)

I like the information you give. Especially the stripped screws and using the rubber band. I do that a lot also. Take care of yourself and the predisone will make you feel good. My primary care doctor gave me 3 pills for 3 days and I felt better than I've felt in 10 years. When the Rheumatologist doctor saw on my medical files that she had given me those, they requested me not to take anymore because it will effect other things with my body because my problem is with my joints and not my organs. They should make your lungs feel very good. I take the steroid injections in my joints but so far, this time I doesn't think they are working in my right knee because I've been wearing my brace a lot and I won't be getting another injection until September. We just have to stay prayed up and let God do his work and take care of us. Have a great day and give Pogo a hug for me.

Garla Reed said...

Hey Sweetie, Sure glad to see some of the human in your blog today! hooray for the extra sleep. I haven't been lucky on that yet. I went to bed really early last night and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3 am.... groan... anyway that is when I discovered the air conditioner leaking all over the floor. Good news on that anyway, the office put it down as an emergency repair and are having the carpet people come and extract the water from the carpet and she is going to talk to Jonathan. It looks like we are probably going to sign a new lease here and so if we do they will steam clean the entire apartment for free. I can live with Free! We just haven't found anything and time is running out pretty quickly.
Love the ideas that you pictured. Wonderful. I actually have used the rubber band method several times. It is a great gripper even if the screws are not stripped it allows you to be able to apply more pressure when the screw is just a little too tight.

Cisco and I are off to take a nap. I can barely keep my eyes open. Hugs and I will talk to you soon... Beth

Stacey said...

I sure am glad the pneumonia is gone! hooray! I do hope you will know really be on the mend and can start building your strength back up!

The Queen Jester said...

I think the coat rack hung low for storing shoes is very clever. I'll have to remember the rubber band trick for the stripped screws since Left Brain always wants to give it "just one more turn".