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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Oh, What A Beautiful Weekend!!

June 7, 2015

Good morning.  It's only 7 a.m., but it's already looking to be a really nice day.  The Weather Channel says we'll get up to about 71F degrees today, and warmer all week up into the mid 80'sF.  Gosh, that sounds super to my little ears.  Now that I'm working my way back into "Humandon", I can use all the nice weather that Mother Nature has.

Yesterday was a super day around these parts.  My youngest grandson Kevin graduated from high school!!   This is the tiny two pounder who came into the world with so many challenges to face as he grew into the handsome young man he is today.  I have a couple photos to share that proud mama Deanne sent me via cell phone.  Congratulations, Kevin!!!

This first photo is Kevin's graduation present, his very own car.  The second photo is our proud Mama Deanne, and Kevin.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the graduation ceremony, but I'll get to visit today for a while with everyone.  Hopefully, I'll get some more photos to share.   We are all so very proud of Kevin.  He has worked and played hard for seventeen years, and today starts a new journey in his life.  College is next.   To my kids, Deanne and Eddie, you did a super job raising this fabulous young man.

I'm back to enjoying my morning coffee now.  Of course, my taste buds are still working on getting back to normal.  But I imagine that will all work out soon.  I've been switching my meal times around a bit.  I no longer have set things to be eaten at certain meals.  If I want a sandwich for breakfast or supper, that's what I have.  Sometimes Pogo and I have supper between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. and lunch food for breakfast or regular supper time.   I actually think I like this better.

Did any of you get to watch the Triple Crown race yesterday?  Gosh, I fell asleep for a little nap and missed the whole thing.  My horse won!!!  American Pharoah just could not be beat!!!  Sorry, I did not have any money bets placed, but that's okay.  It was great just to watch the re-run of the race on the news later. 

Today I have a couple more photos from my garden to share.  This first photo is a regular Iris, and the second photo is one of my prized beauty irises. 

Something has been nibbling on a lot of my plants, and I'm not too happy about that.  I did find one guilty critter.  I'm going to have to call a landscaper/gardener to find out what to do to stop this feeding frenzy. 

Last evening, I did a bit more crocheting, and finished the Paddy Green lapghan, and started working on a Buff colored one.  I'll have photos to share tomorrow. 

A few years ago, my orthopedic doctor suggested that I invest in a Rhoomba to do my vacuuming.  This is one of the activities that I have trouble doing.  I don't know why, but I suppose it has to do with how one has to hold or move the body.  Anyway, I never did get me one of these gadgets, but now I'm giving it some serious thought.  So that will be my new research project. 

I got up rather early this morning, and made a big pot of macaroni salad, which is already in the refrigerator getting nice and cold.  I bagged up all the trash, and gathered up my recycles, and put them out in the laundry room for Joe.  He will take them outside to the barrels later.

From watching the Weather Channel, I've picked up a couple of great tips for making safe insect repellents.  If you have a campfire, use your spices.  Sprinkle some sage or oregano on the fire.  Insects do not like the smell of these spices.  For your body, fill a jar with baby oil, and put cloves in it.  Now you have a wonderful smelling, safe bug repellent.  Enjoy!!

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  Now I'm going to head over to the refrigerator to see what's tasty for breakfast.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Congratulations, Kevin! What a great graduation present too!!

Good on you for getting back to enjoying your coffee. When we were messaging on Friday I was so happy the me mentioning pizza made you hungry. That meant you are getting better :)

Would you believe that this year I really didn't follow any of the Triple Crown racing at all? I didn't even know there was a horse that had won the first two, let alone that there was a Triple Crown winner until they mentioned it during the baseball game yesterday. I remember when Secretariat did it when I was a kid. That was a huge deal. Mom and I were in Lexington the weekend after Secretariat died and you could feel that royalty had died.

I’m going to try that insect repellent method! Baby oil and cloves sounds much better smelling than Off!

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Wow, I missed a lot of reading this last week, but I catched up today. Such a lot happened and many of them is just good news, isn't that wonderful for a change????
Don't know where to start, LOL.
Ojay, first huge congratulations to Kevin of course, and to all the family. I can imagine you are proud, as well as everyone else! I hope kevin will be carefull driving around in his car!
And now on to you! It must be quite a new experience to feel a bit "human"again, I know.
But if it will continue every day a bit, soon you will be feeling allright again and it is about time.
Glad there is no longer any pneumonia, but I think the coughin etc. will stay on a bit longer. Gosh, you have prednison as medication? That is heavy, hopefully you will soon can skip that.
Well, good to read your appetite also is coming back slowly, but you have the same experience as I (still) have, that some things just don;t taste the same yet as in the days before we had this virus.
Hmmmm, I suppose it will come back too some day and you are right to take whatever you feel to at times you want to have a bite. Who cares if you take your sandwich in the evening and at lunch your dinner? As long as it tastes a bit and you eat.
Your Rhodo's look awesome and it would be nice to have one in orange too, or put an azalea(which has the smaller flowers) in between. I love those flowering bushes, pity, the blossoms don;t last really long, but they make it up with their beauty!
Okay, I will try to put together a little post on my blog now, I stayed away much too long,hmmmm, must do something about that somehow.
Now you stay safe and continue mending and feeling better every day. Oh, about the household tasks, yes you may be a bit behind, but take it easy on it, just do something every day or even every other day, don;t overdo things, it will only strike back at yu and we don;t want that to happen!
Sending a huge hug,

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just make sure the Rhoomba goes well over the carpet, a friend says they are good on the tiles and floor boards but a bit useless on carpet, maybe she had a cheapy. If you get one keep us all updated on how it works mmmm. So glad you are finally having human days again, and I love that deep blue/purple iris it's gorgeous. Hugs to you and Pogo, Elee.

The Queen Jester said...

What a fabulous graduation gift, I'm sure he'll get good use out of that car as he makes his way into the world.

We did manage to catch the horse race and it was thrilling to see American Pharaoh take the lead and win. I saw Secretariat when he took the Triple Crown as well, so it was fabulous seeing another enter that realm.