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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Bob-O-Link!!!

June 16, 2015

Good morning.  Today we're having another cloudy gray day.  It's not raining though.  Actually it's a great day for mosquitoes.  Speaking of mosquitoes, I'm waiting for a crew to come by to give my yard a treatment for keeping the ticks, fleas and mosquitoes away.  I hope they show up and I hope the treatment works.  If they are not here by 4 pm, I'll be on the phone to find out why.

Yesterday, my friend from work came by and we had ourselves a really nice visit.  She used to always drive an old clunker; and I was always telling her it would be cheaper to buy a new car than to keep paying for repairs.  Well, she finally bought herself a nice new car.  Yeahhhhh!!!

I have a photo to share that my daughter Audrey took a few days ago of a huge red sun rising early one morning on her way to work.  The sun appears very bright, but you can see the red outline around it.  Thanks, Audrey.  It's a great shot!

For some reason, I'm getting way behind today.  I seem to be letting myself get constantly side-tracked.  It's not really a big problem, but I don't get much of anything accomplished either.  Ah well, maybe it's just part of aging gracefully?  haha

Yesterday was my grandson Bobby's birthday.  Wow!  He's thirty five years old now.  This is Deanne and Eddie's eldest child, my first grandchild, and he was the gleam and twinkle in Papa's eyes.  (my hubby)   Happy Birthday Bob-O-Link!!   May your future be filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.  I love you.

A few days ago, while I was outside checking on a few plants, Dwarf Helen yelled to me that we had turkeys in the back yard.  I quickly ran indoors to grab my camera, and came back out with hopes of getting some photos.  Unfortunately, the back yard is like a forest, and it wasn't easy to see the turkeys, at least with the camera.  But, I did get one photo that I absolutely love.  Can you find the turkey in this photo?

In all, there were two adult females and a dozen or more little ones.  We had a grand time watching the little ones crawling over and under and around tree trunks and foliage.  Because there was so much foliage, I was not able to get any usable photos of the little ones playing.

As I look out the window, I see that the sun is now shining.    Maybe I can take the camera out and get a few new photos later this afternoon.  The temperature is supposed to be about 82F today, with thunder storms early this evening. 

Well, there's really not much more news so I think I'll meander out to the kitchen to see what's tasty that Pogo and I can have for lunch.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Garla Reed said...

Ohhh Edna,
Glorious photo of the turkey! When I lived in Arkansas we had turkeys and it was such fun to watch them, until my dog Bandit chased them away. Oh well he thought that he was guarding his territory but really we were the new comer's lol.

Happy Birthday to your grandson!! I hope that his day is just fantastic. Jonathan and Karyn are the same age right now. They are both 31. Jonathan will be 32 the last day of the month. He was going to go to Las Vegas for his birthday but they canceled his vacation time because he got sick and was off work for a week.

I will email you later today. Right now I am going over to my blog and update it, so I will talk to you later!! Hugs, Beth

Angelica Star said...

Thunderstorms, hmmmmmm (lol). We're waiting on Mr. Tropical Storm Bill to come in and make land fall. The coastal cities are already getting flooded. Galveston Island tides are very high and some of the idiots are still on the Peninsula and they asked for voluntary evacuation. When Hurricane Ike came through they did a mandatory evacuation and some stayed and lost their lives. Being on the water shouldn't be more important than life. If you leave the water and live, you can always go back at better times. I doesn't understand it. The rain is the most damaging in this storm. The wind is not the problem. Rain is what we didn't really need here at the moment, but God knows best and we shall sit back and let him do his work. All of the television programs have been cancelled and all we have now is the Houston and surrounding weather on all the channels. I think the weather is the only program we need here today.

I finally got an appointment to get my AC unit service on Wednesday. It wasn't a problem when I expressed to them I wasn't in a great hurry because I have air by using my window units. I even told them to wait for the storm to pass on Tuesday because I didn't want to get it service and something happen due to the storm and I had to repair something else. I called them yesterday (Monday) and my o' my the appointment was one day after I asked for the delay on Tuesday. An early morning appointment was open. (laughing) This was one of the companies that I had called on Thursday of last week and could only get an after hour appointment.

Just wondering if those turkeys are wild turkeys, someone pets, or off a turkey farm. I did find the bird in the shrubs. It was fun locating it. What a great photo.

Pray for us to get through the storm and have a very blessed rest of this day.

Nani said...

Happy Birthday to Bobby! It's a good day for a birthday; my grandma would have been 90 today.

I love that photo of the turkey hidden in the leaves! I'm also glad your friend got a new car. When I got the second Camaro it was because the first one had gotten to the point of costing a car payment in repairs every month. The third month I got the estimate for the repair and went into the showroom. :) The only real bill that goes up is insurance, but the driver is also safer!

David left this afternoon and I have a schedule of visitors for the next few days. I'm also going in to sign up with our local ability center in the morning and hopefully be able to get on a list for or get some referrals for in-home aides. I fully admit that I really should cut WAY down on my time alone. I'm stubborn, but more of a control freak, so admitting I need help to get control of my situation trumps being right. hehe

We're supposed to get nasty rain tomorrow afternoon, but after I get beck home. My dad will have to drive home in the rain after he comes down for lunch though. I think David was kind of hoping he was staying the night. After my physical therapist leaves Thursday I'll make a call to the dealer not far from here who has a few used vans we want to look at when David gets back. I've got a full schedule, but calmly and safely full while David's gone. :)

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

That turkey family is hilarious! But what a lvely surprise to find inm your garden LOL!
You are talking abut getting way behind of things to do, all the time sidetrackes and such. Well, here's one person having the same problem!
sometimes it's a bit annoying, but then I learned to say at times: "okay, not done what I wanted to today, let's see if tomorrow is a better day for it. "HAHAHAHA".
I'm hopping over to yur next post( that also is one of the things I am behind, reading blogs).
See you in the next comment box, grin!