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Saturday, July 28, 2012


July 28, 2012

This is day three of the three rainy days we were supposed to be having, and so far the rain has missed us.  I'm not complaining, but a little rain could be good for the grass and the gardens.  Today is also a special day.  I'm having a home visit today from the Rescue Animal folks.  They want to make sure that my house and I are fit for a rescue doggie.

I'm sitting here watching the weather channel on the TV, and it's showing the relentless heatwave throughout the country.  They talk a lot about the droughts, and the damage (and deaths) being caused by the lack of rain, yet I don't hear anything about building a water pipe line. 

Is there something wrong with the brainiacs of our nation?  Can we only build a pipe line for a product that is sold to other countries?  Is this not something we can do to save ourselves?  Gosh, it might even put a lot of folks back to work!  Oh wow, what a unique idea!  (sorry about the sarcasm)

I have been looking around lately for some other interesting photography challenges, and have found several that I want to try.  One of those is Flower Art Friday, whose theme this week is red.  I was not able to post any photo art yesterday because (I was at work) Mrs was up very early and needing my attention. 

These are some of my knock out roses.  I've applied the "Rose Dust" texture (over all) from Pixel Dust Photo Art, and then a sponge filter (Photoshop) to the background. 

While the rest of the world was watching the opening special of the Olympics, I was having a wonderful time playing with hundreds of new photos on my laptop.  After work yesterday, I went to the park in hopes of finding some dragonflies to photograph.  Sad to say, I did not come across any of the dragonflies, but there was still a lot to capture with my camera.

I met a very nice lady who was there walking her dog George.  We stopped to chat for a while, and I found her to be quite fascinating.  She had so much information to share about the history of the park.  Of course, I took photos of George.  I got her email, and sent her a nice photo.  Meet George.

While we were standing near my car chatting, a man who had been fishing in the pond proudly help up his catch.  Wow!  I did not realize that there were such big fish in the pond.  I forgot to get the man's permission to show his photo here on my blog, but I can show you his prize fish.

I emailed his photos to my smart phone, and am now working on figuring out how to email them from my phone to the man's phone.  I'll have to ask Deanne to help me with this one. 

From the park, I stopped by a supermarket to pick up some veggies and a few things that were on sale.  Yesterday was also my grandson Stephen's birthday.  Seeing as how he is unemployed, I bought him a couple bags of groceries for his birthday.  A bit of a different kind of birthday gift, but a nice one, I thought.

Gosh, I'm being a regular chatty Cathy (remember her from the late 50's, early 60's?)  this morning.  I have lots of great photos to share all week,  and some photo art to work on.  Squished in between all that, I'm working on the next collab kit.  I'm also getting hungry for some breakfast, so it's time to raid the fridge.  On that note, I'll leave you.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Cecilia Artista said...

Beautiful red rose. Nice texture!

Andrea said...

Hi Edna, I don't think you have to apologize for being sarcastic. Just about everything that is going on in our country today is a disaster. Sarcastic is the polite way to comment on it ... it could be much worse :)
Happy Birthday to your Grandson and I think groceries are the perfect gift. Being out of work is no picnic and certain congressman are not going to let anything pass that will help ... so yes, groceries and vote! That is about all the average person can do.
Love your rose picture ... I am glad you are going to get into another meme. I think you need to get your pictures out there where they can be appreciated. I hear somone rumaging in the kitchen ... better go see what they are into. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Send a mail to Obama's website, with your idea of the water pipe line. Who knows, may be you will even get an answer!
I love the pic of George, the dog, now that's my kind of dog(I really like big dogs, well I like ALl dogs, but the bigger the better for me LOL)
Ifyou;re looking for nice textures for photos you should take a look at

She has free textures, you can sign up to receive textures free and also has lessons and challenges, etc. take time to read a bit her blog, should be interesting for you, for the photo art.

Congrats to Stehen for his birthday, sorry he is unemplyed at the moment. It are hard times everywhere. And I think your birthday present is a great one, good thinking!
Have a wonderful day

Nani said...

Happy birthday to Stephen and trust me, when you're unemployed groceries are an AWESOME gift! My dad still buys me big bags of veggies because he just plain pick better veggies than David does. Pop picks zucchini, tomatoes and peaches which David doesn't buy because he's insecure about his ability to pick good ones.

What fabulous photos from the park! And yes, that s a shockingly big fish for a pond-fish. WOW!

Okay, I have the mile-long list that includes catching up on my blog reading from yesterday. Hope all went well with the Animal Recuse folks and we'll be seeing pick of your new dog soon!

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

Food always makes a good gift. I can remember my Grandmother's housewarming gift for newly weds was always a bucket with old rags and cleaning supplies because they start with everything new and often forgot about the menial part of life, like cleaning. I always liked that. I'm sure Steven will think of you when has a full belly and be thankful.