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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Loving This Beautiful Weather

November 26, 2011

What a lovely sunny day it is here.  And oh my, what a huge pile of sale flyers we have to peruse.  On Thursday, our newspapers were chock full of these sale flyers, and today and tomorrow we will be bombarded with a ton more of them. 

I'm wondering just how many trees had to be cut down to print all these flyers.  Some of these stores sent out flyers for Friday and Saturday only, then another flyer that includes Sunday.  Today's flyers are for the week ahead.  I'm feeling badly for our trees.

After checking all the flyers and looking a few things up online, I find that the popular little 10"
netbooks are getting hard to find.  And the ones that I found usually only have a "starter" version of Windows 7.  What is a "starter" version?  This perplexes me because we have  "Home",  Home Premium" and "Professional" versions.  It's getting very confusing to buy software lately.

At work yesterday, I took some photos of the beautiful floral arrangements that friends and family had sent to the Mrs.  Here are two of the gorgeous flowers tucked into these arrangements.

Critter update:  My son in law was here yesterday to find the new "critter entrances" and to close them all again.   This morning I'm not seeing any traces of new traffic.  Of course, this is an ongoing battle every year throughout the cold season. 

Now it's time to whip up something good for brunch.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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The Queen Jester said...

Your flowers look so nice - ours are all dead now. My son-in-law has a new android phone and I'm thinking we need one before our travels. Looks very handy indeed!