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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zoom! Zoom!

July 31, 2011

Good morning.  Can you believe that this is the last day of July?  Seems like growing up takes forever, while growing old comes on fast and furious.  Once you step on that banana peel, you just keep zooming right along.

A friend of mine had a birthday a couple of days ago, and once again, I am a bit tardy with my birthday wishes.  Nani, I hope your birthday was as scrumptious as that cake!  Folks, if you have a chance, drop by Nani's blog and wish her a happy birthday.  While you're there, read about the Photo Walk Day that will be coming up soon.

Tomorrow, I will be posting the brand new August GI Blog Train list.  Make some room on your hard drive, because there are lots of fabulous scraps coming your way.  Now I have a few photos to share before I head on home.  This first one is Chippy stocking up for winter.  Would you just look at those huge jowls?

This next shot is a bloom on a butterfly bush.  They seem to be everywhere this summer, and the butterflies are just loving them.

This last photo is of the flag that was flying from the back of our cruise boat.  Folks, if you know me at all, then you know that I love seeing our beautiful flag flying everywhere. 

Now it's time for me to check the Mrs. again, and pack up to go home.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Nani said...

When I saw the photo I was wondering if Tootsie watched Chipmunk on DOG TV too. That's the girls' favorite CAT TV show!

Thanks so much for the birthday mention! Part of celebrating is enjoying the cards and comments from near and far! I took my nieces and a friend out for lunch and ice cream today. I completely enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful start of August!!