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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bowling, Anyone?

July 14, 2011

Whew!  What a noisy night we had.  Crash!  Bang!  Boom!  I don't think I've ever heard thunder so loud as it was during the night.  It sounded as if it were right over our house.  And Nani writes in her blog that it was wicked loud in Toledo too.  Now that's a really BIG thunder roll!!  The weather is so crazy!

Do you remember, when you were little, and your Mom told you that the thunder was just the noise from heavenly bowling?  Well, I sure wouldn't want to play with these guys after last night's game!!  They sure do play rough.

I did not go out yesterday to do any errands because I was able to scrounge up a couple of Tootsie's treats that were tucked away.  But today, I really do have to go out.  It's okay though.  Today is a bit cooler.  Even though the temperature had come down a bit yesterday, it was still hot and humid. 

Yesterday afternoon, I worked on the August GI Blog Train kit.  I also did a bit of designing for our August collab kit.  The colors in this next kit are just yummy.  Su picked out the color palette and designed the logo.  That's all I can say about it for now.  You're going to love it!!

Okay, now for some photos of good things to eat.  I took these photos a few days ago, and I think I will take a few more later because some of the tomatoes are turning red now.  We planted Big Boys and Grape Tomatoes.  The guys like the big ones, and I love the little ones.  We are also having a bumper crop of green beans.  Oh, they tasted so good!  I already ate the first batch of beans.

My absolute favorite is also coming along nicely.  Summer squash!  There are lots and lots of beautiful orangy yellow flowers with little squashes starting to grow.  Mmmm, I love these cooked with pepper and butter.  Oh my, now I'm starting to drool!

Now I really must put some clothes on and get busy here.  I have laundry to catch up as soon as I get back with a new supply of doggie treats.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Edna, I’m drooling over your garden too! My parents used to harvest some of the zucchini flowers and cook them too. Dad always had a bumper crop of zucchini. One year he made zucchini bread, zucchini parmesan and fried zucchini twists and STILL shared a couple with each of our neighbor, it was a bumper-bumper crop that summer!

I could have, I mean I tried, to pluck that green bean from the monitor! I love crunching on raw green beans and fresh picked, even better!

The nicest thing about that thundery din was that after the rain it was cooler and less muggy. I wish it could stay warm, not hot, and dry all summer.

Enjoy the nicer weather while it lasts – and get Tootsie those treats! :)

Hugs, Nani

smiekeltje said...

Well, as you had thinder, we had autumn yesterday. So I stayed in too!
Your veggie garden looks to be great!
I want to try these beans too next year.
Good thing you found some treats on hidden places for Tootsie LOL!
But get some new ones today for her(and don;t forget to tuck away some of them, so you can find them when it's necessary, like on a day you don;t want to go out ROFL)
Have a wonderful weekend