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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Traveling Purse

January 6, 2011
Good morning. This morning is quite sunny, yet still very cold. Tomorrow we have another batch of snow coming and lasting throughout the night and all day Saturday. Oh joy, oh joy!! I remember how, when I was very young, these snowy forecasts would have been so thrilling. But as one enters the "Oh So Golden" years," one's thoughts about the snow changes quite a bit.
Yesterday, Dee Dee and Eddie came by and hooked up my new Wii, and showed me how to use it. We bowled a couple of strings with it, and let me tell you, they are very good bowlers. I didn't do too badly either considering it was my first time playing on a Wii.
Then later I took a couple of photos of my new purse that I bought from the shopping channel. I thought it would be a great purse for traveling to Florida this year. There were several beautiful colors, but I chose a rather pretty rosy pink. Inside it has two zipper compartments, a middle snapped compartment, and two zippered pockets on the outside. A place for everything!! It is made of a soft leather, and has an over the shoulder strap which I really do like.

There is something about a purse that is very intriguing. A woman just can't have too many purses!! I used to love bigger purses, but now they are a bit too heavy for me to carry. Plus, by buying a smaller bag, I can't put so much junk into it. I found that when my purse was larger, I tended to put in a lot of stuff that I really didn't need.
I don't want to go outside today, but I have a package to mail at the post office, and an appointment to get my nails done. If my nails weren't so needy, I would stay in and practice my bowling. Well, maybe I can still do that later this afternoon.
Now I think I will give Tootsie her meds, and make myself another cup of coffee. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Wii bowling sounds intriguing.

I awoke to a fresh dusting of the white stuff on everything. I agree, yuck! Only difference is I never got excited about it as a kid ether. It was good for one snowman a year and then unnecessary except that I somehow believed that Santa's sleigh needed it to land on the roof. (As I got older I realized that there's no snow in Florida and Santa goes there, so...) Now as a middle age woman with physical issues, the snow and especially ice, rather frighten me!

For me, today is a stay-in and rest day!

I LOVE that purse! The way the front zipper pocket and back one criss-cross is so sweet! I know what you mean about bigger purses. The one I'm carrying, which is small by average accounts, is the largest purse I've owned. I wanted it big enough to carry my Kindle, which it does, but I tend to collect receipts and other junk too.

Now I’m off to “relax” with the breakfast dishes in the sink! :)

Have a wonderful day!

smiekeltje said...

Oh, I love that purse! And it's not easy to loose it somewhere, very eye-catching colour!!
Sorry to hear you are going to have more snow. Enough should be enough LOL! I am glad in our area it's all gone, now just to hope we won't get another winter-frost-snow period later in March!
That did happen, but I don;t want it.
You said you could do with a bit of my energy, well, I don;t have that much as I had about two years ago! And at the moment I am also a bit pooped out, we already did a big clear away of the Christmasstuff. Tomorrow the last part, the manger.
Glad I am sitting down now!
Have a great day!