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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


January 5, 2011
The sun is shining this bright new morning, and I'm sitting here watching a commercial on TV. A lady is in the forest with her camera getting ready to take a photo of something when all of a sudden, one by one, all sorts of wild animals including a bear and a tiger, come out of the woods and sit together in a large group to pose so that she can get a great group shot. Now I ask you, why couldn't this happen for me?
The weather man is starting to annoy me. This morning he is telling of more snow coming here on Friday and Saturday, and then more next week. We don't really have much space left to pile it up. What we really need is another week or two of temperatures in the 40's and 50's. Gosh, I know, I'm dreaming here!
Here's a photo I took at work the other day. I thought it was rather interesting. It's a rhododendron bush poking through all the snow. These plants are fascinating. They have buds on them on all through the Winter, and then finally in the Spring they burst open with enormous gorgeous blossoms.
Today is my granddaughter's birthday. Last year, I forgot to get her card to her on time. Because I was a day late, and she loves to shop, I gave her an extra dollar. (This got me a huge smile!) This year she asked her Mom if she thought that I might forget again and give her another extra dollar. Out of the mouths of babes!!
So of course, I am going to forget on purpose and tuck in an extra dollar. You never know when that extra dollar will make a difference when you are shopping for a sale. Happy shopping Jasmine!!
As I look down by my feet, I notice that Tootsie has placed one of her new toys next to my feet. It's a little snowman that squeaks. She doesn't share her toys with anyone else, so I am quite honored.
Yesterday, Tootsie had her check up appointment, and had to have an ultrasound. The good news is that there were no tumors and cysts anywhere. On the other hand, she now has to take another med every day along with her other meds. But, this is in place of the chemo treatments. (At least that's what I'm understanding at the moment.) In six weeks, she has to go back for another test. But we'll handle that when the time comes.
Janet, if you are reading this, I hope you're feeling better soon. (My daughter in law is at home, sick in bed with a flu bug of sorts.) Now I think I'll make myself another cup of coffee, and maybe do some laundry. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Plants are really fascinating, how they overcome strong frost and lotst of snow etc. and just simply do their work again in spring and summer, giving us the beauty of their flowers!
Just received notice that there seems to be a chat Friday, youthink you could make it for a moment? Would be nice.
Going to post on my blog now!
Have a lovely day!