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Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Collab Kit "Miss Edie"

October 18, 2010
Here I sit at 3:50 am, and the house is very quiet. I'm at work, and the Mrs. is sound asleep. Miss Tootsie is curled up and snoozing on her blanket beside my chair. Mrs. isn't crazy about me bringing her to work with me, but I have no sitter for her. So we sit at the table in the kitchen all night and play on the laptop or read a book till morning.

I did have a wonderful chat with my friend Su this past evening. (Sunday night) We are collaborating on some new kits for you. This week's new kit is called "Miss Edie" and is in six parts. Each week, for three weeks, Miss Su and I will each post a part on our blog. You will have to visit both blogs to get all six parts. It's a beautiful kit, so be sure to gather up all the parts.

Our Miss Edie kit is named for, and dedicated to, my sister in law, Edie. She is a cancer survivor and one beautiful lady. Her smile is fantastic and goes on forever. I took a photo of her the last time she came to visit, and we used the colors from that photo to make this kit. Each of us has a completely different style of design, but we do go well together. It's really a lovely kit, so enjoy.
"Miss Edie"

Here is your download link for my Part One of "Miss Edie."
For Su's Part One, you will have to visit her blog.
Next Monday, we will each post another part for you. Don't forget to stop back for them.
Later this morning, I am going to see if I can get in to see Moo. It's been a couple of days, and I really would like to speak with his doctors to see what the story is. He is speaking a bit easier, and is able to walk around a bit. It will be so nice to have him back home again soon.
Miss Tootsie is eating a little bit more, and seems to be a tad bit better. However, it's not good enough for the doctor. Tootsie needs to improve some more. I feel so bad for her. She is so little and can't talk to tell us what hurts and where.
Early this afternoon, Miss Audrey arrived safely back home in Virginia. And we miss her. Poor Tootsie has a problem dealing with separation issues. That's probably a big part of what is wrong with her. Her Moo left and hasn't come back yet, and now Audrey has gone back home. There is no way I could leave Tootsie at the hospital for a couple of days like her doctor wants. I don't think she could cope with that. I asked if I could set up a cot in her little room at the hospital, but the doctor said no. Oh well.
I've rambled on enough for one post. I think now I will work on a challenge or maybe do a jigsaw puzzle. Hmmmm. The puzzle sounds like a great idea. That's all for today. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

What a lovely looking collab kit that looks to be! You did a great job.
Still good you can take Tootsie with you to the mrs. although she isn;t too happy about it. You just cannot leave the poor thing alone.!
Have a peaceful shift and hope you get to talk to Moo.

Mary Ann's Creative Photography said...

Looks like your plate is as full as it can get. Prayers still coming for Moo. Take care friend,
Mary Ann

Chris said...

I found my way here from Suruha's blog (I found on CBH freebies),
What a Great Collaboration You are working on, I'll keep watching for the next installment!
You are so right about the little ones, I wish they could talk too, I knew an Edie a long time ago, She was my second pet, so friendly, a black rat (I am a Rat person). I hope Tootsie will feel better.
Best Wishes & Thank You,

marie said...

This kit looks great!
Thank you so much.d

marzenna79 said...

It is very nice.