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Friday, October 1, 2010

Lots And Lots Of Rain Coming This Way

October 1, 2010
This morning is just gorgeous. Gray, windy, warm and no rain yet. The weatherman says we have lots of rain coming later on, but for now it is just super outside. Very breathable.

You will note that below this post is the brand new October blog train list. The theme for this month's train is "Falling For Elias." Hopefully, you have lots of room on your hard drive for all these fantastic goodies.

Sorry for not posting yesterday morning, but for some reason, I was exhausted. I got up early and took Tootsie for her am chemo appointment. Then we went home and I gave Tootsie her meds and a snack, and we went right to bed. I slept till almost 2 pm. Think I was a speck tired? LOL.

Last night I had a nice chat with my friend Su, and finished up a couple of new kits. They just need to be packaged and zipped and uploaded to Mediafire. One is a kit that I made as a surprise for someone special, and the other is part of a team effort by both myself and Su. You will see that one very soon.

Moo is doing pretty good now. He's been quite busy visiting with his friends, and doing a bit of shopping. Dee Dee and Eddie came by to visit with him, and brought him a most unusual and lovely plant. Dee Dee made it using pipe cleaners for the stems, and various lottery tickets for the flowers. That certainly put a beautiful smile on Moo's face.

I'm at work now and have to get busy here soon. First, I would like to share a couple of photos that I took a few days ago. These are of a very busy bee. Enjoy.

That's it for today. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.
p.s. As soon as I figure out how, I will change the slideshow at the top of the post.

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Shannon said...

Very beautiful pictures!