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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Little Brother Throws Rock - Big Sister Ducks!

October 23, 2010
How's that for a front page headline? One summer day, back in the '40's, my brother and I were outdoors playing and for some reason we got into an argument. Our little "disagreement" got a bit heated and I turned and ran across the street to our yard. My little brother got angry and picked up a rock and threw it across the street at me.
Have you guessed yet? Yup, I ducked to avoid the rock, and the stone hit the glass window on the red fire box that was on the telephone pole directly in front of our house. Within minutes, it seemed as though our house was surrounded by the whole fire and police departments. Even the newspaper picked up the story and put it on the front page. Do I have to tell you about the licking we both got from our mother? We were very careful about throwing rocks after that.
I've been writing this post in bits during the night. My brother is having a rather bad night, and a couple of the guys got up from bed during the night to help me with him. The monitor isn't very useful to me because the volume can't be turned up enough to hear any breathing. So I guess I will try to get a different one sometime today. You cannot go to sleep if you cannot hear the sounds coming from the monitor.
For today's photo, I thought I would post one of Moo's favorites. He loved to watch the sun go down over the ocean, so these were his favorite photo subjects.

I've just given him some more medicine and he is quiet, so I think I will try to rest my eyes a bit. There is a lot that needs to be done today, plus I have to arrange to take some time off at work. I know Moo was in good hands all day yesterday while I was at work, but I was nervous most of the time from worry. It's best I stay at home for a bit, at least at night. So till tomorrow, or another update, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that story, thanks! That's some headline you two caused. :)



Chris said...

My Brother threw a plastic ruler at me once!
I'll never forget the day, it was the 16th of October 1987. There had been a huge storm that night and day, we were both off school and fought.
Unfortunately, I didn't duck and needed a few stitches under my eye!
The worst bit was Two short-sighted Doctor trying to remove the stitches with giant scissors!
My story never made the papers though!