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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Days, Moo Is Home

October 20, 2010
Good morning. It's rather gray and wet here this morning, but we can deal with that. It's a good day. Moo is home. He came home late yesterday afternoon. About an hour later, a hospice nurse arrived to get some intake information, and by 8pm his meds were delivered. After he had some juice and his meds, he drifted off to sleep. It was badly needed sleep, because he did not wake up till after 1:30 am.
This morning, he was awake for a bit and now he is back to dreamland. It will take him a while to get used to being able to sleep and not be woken up every little while. Today, I will buy a blender and a monitor. The blender will help to make foods that he can eat, and the monitor will make it easier for him to call me when he needs something.
This afternoon we will meet the regular hospice nurse that has been assigned to him. She will help to set up any services that Moo might be needing. Janet is coming over so that I can get out and do some errands. I also have to pick up meds for Tootsie and me.
Eddie just got here. The night before last, Tootsie and I had an unwelcome visitor in the pantry. When I came out in the morning, I found a good sized hole that something had chewed so that it could come inside and raid the pantry. Eddie blocked the hole temporarily, and today he will see what he can do to keep the little buggers out permanently. The hole was too big to be mice, so I'm not really sure what it was.
I have some nice photos to share of the foliage by the hospital where Moo has been the past week. This photo shows one of the beautiful trees that line the sidewalks by the hospital.
This next photo shows the front entrance to the part of the hospital where Moo was staying. This hospital consists of several large buildings.
And this last photo shows the tree to left of the entrance. I thought it was beautiful the way the tree relects in all the panes of glass.
Now it's time for me to give Moo another dose of meds, and then I have to get dressed. I have lots of errands to do today. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Edna B.


suruha said...

It's so nice to see Moo is home! I know he has got to be more comfortable and more rested, too. Hospitals have a way of waking you up when you'd rather not. And, not waking you when they should. A nurse pulled the wrong drain out of my back after a major surgery back there. I went to sleep shortly after and didn't wake up until the next morning - in a pool of my own blood.

It sounds like you are right on top of things. I know Moo is in good hands there. I pray that you are taking good care of yourself. Promise me you'll take a time out when you need it. I loves ya!

Chat with ya soon! A big ol' hug for ya! Mwah! LOL


smiekeltje said...

It's good to hear Moo is home again. He will feel better just by being in his own bed and home.
Hope you can cope with all the extra weight on yourr shoulder and your work and all that's needed. Just take time to relax when you can, to refill your energy tank LOL!
Tootsie must feel a bit better too, knowing Moo is around again. Hope she is doing well now?
Take care, hugs one for Moo too of course