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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations, Michael Grimm!!!

September 16, 2010
Good morning. Did everyone watch "America's Got Talent" last night? Did your favorite contestant win? Mine did!! That Michael Grimm could sing by my window any time. What a voice!! I must say, the talent this year has been absolutely fantastic.

Today I will have to start watching Tootsie very carefully to make sure she will still be alright after the decrease in the prednisone. So far, she is doing okay. Gosh, I hope it all goes well for her. She is just so precious to me.

I have a photo to share of a tiny metallic green bee. I don't know as I ever really noticed one of these before, but I thought it was quite interesting looking.

Last night, there was a really beautiful half moon, and both Moo and I went out to photograph it. My photos didn't come out as sharp as I would have liked because it was dark out and I wasn't using a tripod. However, I still enjoyed playing with a couple of them in Photoshop. This one hasn't been cropped, and I applied the PS Sponge filter with a blue tint. I actually do like the way it came out.
For those of you interested, my camera is a Canon Rebel T1i, and I have been using a Tamron 18-270 mm F/3.5-6.3 DiII VC lens for most of my photos lately. It's a great all around lens.
Well it's time for me to get dressed and start my day. I have to get to the store and pick up the rest of Tootsie's meds and more doggie food. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderfu day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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