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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ahhhh, Such A Beautiful Zombie!!

September 5, 2010
Good morning. It's very early, and rather nice outside. Still a bit cool, and the sun is not all the way up yet. About the only things I see moving about outside are a few bike riders getting their morning exercise. The birds are even sort of quiet, maybe sleeping late on this holiday morning. lol.
Last night, I worked on the book cover challenge. Oh my, did I ever have a fun time looking for just the right pictures to use to make my cover look spooky. I blended a photo taken by Barry (at BAZ) and some rather neat pictures that I found on Google. After that, I had to come up with a story line. Yes'm, this is definitely my favorite challenge. Have a lookee at what I came up with.

The printing on the back cover reads: She has wandered through eternity, waiting, waiting..... Her soul cries out for him. Tonight the moon is high, and she cannot wait any longer. Her soul cannot rest until once more, she has felt the passion and the sweet ecstasy that he alone can give her. She needs to feel his warm breath upon her lips, his hot skin upon her skin. She needs to feel his strong arms around her. Tonight, she must find him. Nothing and no one must stand in her way. Hers is an undying love............
For a zombie though, isn't she just gorgeous? What lost male soul in his right mind could pass her up? I had the most marvelous time working on this one. And yes, I must admit, I was thinking of two souls in particular when I wrote the story line.
2 Hours later..............
Kyra, my friend, thank you for this fun challenge. I had me a good chuckle all the way home this morning thinking of Snowy's response in the forum. She wrote: "Oh my goddess! I read the text first and thought that could be me- but I draw the line with looking like that. lol! Erik would run a mile if he sees me arriving with "that look" !!!! "
On my way home this morning, I stopped to do a bit of shopping. Ice cream novelties were on sale so I bought some Popsicles for Moo and some sundae cones for me. I feel a bit better this morning too. The pain has abated quite a bit, and I can move about more comfortably.
Now I think I shall take a pitcher of water outside to water my hibiscus plant. Miss Tootsie can run around a bit and get some fresh air and exercise before I go in for my nap. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantastic day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowraven aka Silke said...

ba ha ha hah... trust you to put my comment on the blog! Jeeez ...I'm in stitches here ! Gonna have to show that to Erik !

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That's such a classic, romance style blurb, and it's soooo gross when you see the cover. Very funny and gruesome twist. :)


smiekeltje said...

You certainly had fun making the bookcover, it shows! Glad you did have some laughs. And yeah, it made me think of Snowy too, only not the looks of the lady, but the story..........WOW, LOL!!!!
Glad your pain has eased, I feel so soryy for you when I read you have those troubles! Suppose we have to learn to live with it, that we are having physical discomforts, while our age is rising. Yak!
Have a great day