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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Really Fierce Trick Or Treater

October 28, 2009

Good morning to you from rainy and gray New England. It's rather wet out there, and yup! This is the morning I have to go out and do errands. Go figure! Ah well, it won't be so bad. Daughter in law is coming over to keep me company while I flit around from store to store. Isn't that an adorable word? "Flit?"

I remember many moons ago when I was an executive secretary, my boss used to insist that we start every day by using a new word that we had learned from the dictionary. I must say, we did get to learn and use a lot of unusual words. And I have to admit, it was fun too.

When Uncle Moo plays the "game" with Tootsie, she gets to curl up her lip and snarl and growl like the really big fierce dogs. Last night I took a picture of her with just one of those looks on her face, and turned it into a Halloween layout for Uncle Moo. Wow, isn't she just the fiercest!!

You know, I just love this little kid. There is never a dull moment around here because of her. She has such a marvelous sense of humor and is quite the character. This weekend, she is going to dress up in her pumpkin costume and do a bit of trick or treating. Basically, this means that we go to Moo's room and beg for more treats.
Have any of you noticed how quickly this lovely month of October has been slipping away? We are almost at the end of the month and the October Daily Downloads. But no fret, Magickal Scraps has another spectacular kit coming for the month of November. I got to choose the colors and theme for this one, and it really was a bit of fun.
We are also working on the Daily Download kits for January through April of next year. We each pick a month, and start working on the colors and theme for it. This way we don't have to rush and can come up with a really great kit for you. It also keeps us a bit ahead so that we have time to do challenges and other fun stuff. I have chosen the month of March, and already have a few pieces done.
Before I leave you to get ready for my little jaunt out into the big bad world, I would like to share a photo of a wood painting that was given to my by one of my children many years ago. It's really very interesting. All the different elements, shades, etc are cut from different types of wood pieces, and then placed together to form a painting.

Well, now I really must get going here. Janet will be showing up on my doorstep, and I will still be running around in my nightie! Y'all have a marvelous day now.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowraven aka Silke said...

Enjoy your shopping trip,lol- I'm trying on my Halloween costume,lol.
Hugs Snowy

Nani said...

That wood painting is SO neat!

I love the trick-or-treat of Tootsie! We get the "nasty cat" pics by snapping a photo when they yawn. The look so fierce when you catch just that second during a yawn!

The layout is cute - to those of us that know Tootsie is NOT a meanie! :)