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Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Nap For The Weary

June 14, 2009

Has anyone noticed that Summer is only a week away? Gosh I had so much to accomplish by springtime, and here it is summer already. I guess with the "Golden" comes the "Slow." Aside from work and appointments, it is a good thing that my life is not totally dependent on keeping a schedule.

Today is rather wet and the rain hasn't let up yet, so I will assume that the baseball game for 1 p.m. will be cancelled. I have yet to make it to a game when my grandson is pitching. When I do make it, I find that he has been moved to another position. Maybe this week will be my time. After all, the rain can't last forever, can it?

Several hours later...............................................

Well, the rain did let up, and the game went on. And we didn't win. Oh well, the kids gave it a good try, and well, it's a game, right? By the time Tootsie and I got home and finished up a few bills for the morning mail, it was too late for much of a nap. We did manage about a half hour.

So on that note, I will leave you till tomorrow. It's time to go back to work. Y'all have a wonderful night.

Hugs, Edna B

Here a couple of photos from this afternoon, of the Kool Aid Kid pitching, and belting the ball. Enjoy.

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