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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Lovely Treat Right In My Own Yard

June 29, 2009

You can tell this is New England. Yesterday, half the day was scrumptious, and the other half it rained. All night, and all this morning. Sometime mid-day today, the sun came out and warmed everything up nicely. Alas, I did have to take a nap, and missed a lot of it.

Last night I was not in the mood for designing, so I picked up a great book to read and got lost in a most wonderful story. "Dreaming In Color" by Charlotte Vale Allen kept me entranced until sometime this afternoon, when I finished reading it. I read this book several years ago, so it was a treat to read it once again. Now I really must go to the library soon, and see if they have any of her other books. I've probably read them all but who cares -- that would have been a few years ago. Good books are always a treat to read.

Ever notice how something can be right in front of you for years and years, and you never even see it? I am always amazed at some of the things that I come across, only to find that they have been there all along.

This afternoon, I was out in the yard enjoying a bit of fresh air, and for some reason looked up at the Japanese Maple tree. Oh my gosh, you'll never believe what I saw. Tucked behind it, and between two huge pine trees, was a lovely flowering tree. I will have to look up the name of it, because I'm not sure what it is. But my oh my, is it ever lovely. Of course, I had to get my camera and take some photos. Now I wonder why I never saw it before? It didn't just pop up there, it's much too big for that.

So, before I leave you today, I will share a couple of photos that I took. One so you can see how it is tucked in with the other trees, and one is a close up. I have to tell you, I took these photos with my new 50mm lens at a bit of a distance. I just love this new lens.

Uncle Moo treated everybody to Chinese take-out for supper tonight. Tootsie and I are stuffed and are turning in early. Y'all have a fantastic night, and enjoy the photos.

Hugs, Edna B.

Close-Up Photo

Now the Original Photo

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Snowraven said...

Looks beautiful-love the colours of the trees. How could you miss that one ,lol???