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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hooray!! The Sun Is Shining !!

June 26, 2009

Ah, it has been a long day. A nice day, but rather long. Except for a few little showers mid-day, the sun has been shining beautifully all day. You could almost see the flowers trying to perk up and show off their pretty colors. So many were lost because of water-rot. (from all the rain)

Miss Tootsie went to work with me today, and was rather glad to finally get home. She does not like to use potty facilities anywhere but here at home, so her little wee pads looked awfully good to her when we got back here. Poor baby.

I tell you, my little doggie has some quirks that I have never come up against before with any other animals. And her potty habits is just one of these quirks. She makes up little games that she only plays with Uncle Moo. She delights in snarling and growling at him while she protects a chewy bone or something similar. Is it any wonder we have so much fun with her?

I thought I would be different today and take my little webbook to work, only to find that I could not get an internet connection with it - strange. Oh well, I tried to get it connected and probably only made it worse. I am not a very tekkie person. Maybe Wayne can straighten it out.

Tonight, Moo is baking haddock for supper. Mmmmmmm. Maybe stuffing and veggies to go with it. Tootsie will have to settle for her kibbles. That's what I call her dry food. For lunch today, she had German bologna. It was on sale so I thought she deserved a treat.

I'm off now. Maybe after dinner, I can do a bit of designing. If my eyes stay open long enough. Meanwhile, y'all have a terrific night.

Hugs, Edna B.

Here is a close-up of raindrops dancing around on the tiny blades of a hedge. Enjoy.

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Snowraven said...

Nice to hear the sun is shining -it's really hot and humid here, the fan is running all day. Doing late shift instead of night today -Roy asked me to swap. Hey,lol- you really are spoiling Tootsie, she gets better treats than I do. Parcel is at the post offic now, so you can expect mail,lol. Hugs Snowy